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Thread: ROM?

Started by: sgmaggitzsgmaggitz

Sharing ROMs is illegal. You have to patch the original ROM yourself. Here's the link to the ROM Hack page.


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Thread: NES Classic Framerate

Started by: ItsPietroFelixItsPietroFelix

The official NES Classic runs at a flat 60 FPS, while the regular NES runs at about 60.1 FPS, so it is slower to run on and there is no way to "fix" it.

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Thread: AISSON Warpless

Started by: Mruns_05Mruns_05

There has never been an AISSON Warpless category, nor will there ever be one.

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Thread: Glitchless

Started by: Johnny__MandarinoJohnny__Mandarino

I've always thought hitting walljump pixel at all was banned and have reset in 4-2 if I've accidentally hit the pixel (even if I didn't lose the framerule because of hitting it). Honestly I don't know if that's actually a rule or not, I've just never risked it.


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Thread: AISSON-only Wrong Warp

Started by: SaradocSaradoc

Sucks that that 8-4 was complete trash tho.
Would have much rather preferred this run but of course I'm never lucky: https:/​/​clips.​twitch.​tv/​EmpathicSneakyChinchillaPJSugar

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Thread: 2weeks

Started by: trapmixtrapmix

Ah shit, here we go again ...

The mod team has actually kept the queue at 0 for a long time until recently. August is quite a busy time for most people (I know for me I have to balance college, work, and still find time to stream) and if everyone is busy then it will take a while for the queue to start being lowered. Mods are always doing stuff in the background as well to make sure everything is in order. Retiming runs can be a long and tedious process (especially when the site doesn't cooperate). When the queue grows big, sometimes it can be intimidating to go through it, but we will get to everything eventually. Keep in mind this is not our job, and we sometimes need to focus on actual life for a while. Complaining about how long your run has been sitting in verification never gets anywhere and just gets everyone into a fight in the comments. Just be patient please, that's all we ask.

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Thread: PSA: SMB1/SMB2J TASes Being Submitted to TASVideos

Started by: Maru370Maru370

Pretty sure it means that most of the time runs submitted break that rule specifically and the others break a different rule.

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Thread: Frame Rate Conversion for NES Classic in 8-4 IL

Started by: Kriller37Kriller37

I know I said this in discord but I'll say it again here. Advantage/disadvantage doesn't matter. Time is time. In real time (which is what we time with) your run was slower because of the framerate, and so are all runs played as such. We can't control the speed of which the NESClassic runs. We can't change time itself.


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Thread: Is the legendary time of 4:54 possible?

Started by: Lul_ecks_deeLul_ecks_dee

I mean 4:54 is already proven to be possible but it's very safe to say a human will never achieve such a time with current knowledge. The extra 4-2 framerule is just too hard for a human to pull off at all, let alone on a WR pace run. The extra 8-2 framerule also isn't gonna happen. I'd say without a doubt that a low 4:55 is the human limit and the WR will never get lower than that unless new strats are somehow found.

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Thread: SMB Practice ROM

Started by: [Deleted user]

To clarify, it was the general chat in the 2D Mario discord and what he said was directed at the discord mods, which are none of the SMB1 mods here on src. It's unknown why he deleted his src account, but what he said in the discord was unfortunately worth banning.

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Thread: Clipping in blocks and wierd ending in 1-1

Started by: kiraa96kiraa96

First off these clips shown off were possible because he is playing on the PAL version of the game. Pretty sure they don't work on NTSC.
Secondly, it is clearly a TAS. There was even L+R being used. However I don't think he was claiming this to be RTA.

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Forum: Super Mario Bros.


Started by: RyanGamesRyanGames

A recent update deleted all runs and forum posts that were made around april fools' day. The original forum post was pry deleted because of that update.


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Thread: $50 bounty: 4:54 non-tas

Started by: SantasLittleNibblerSantasLittleNibbler

find a new strat that allows a 4:54 to be humanly possible and u got yourself a deal

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Thread: What is the best time possible?

Started by: 3ommy253ommy25

well the sum of best segments for all of the levels completed by a human is 4:55.213, but it is estimated that the wr might not be improved after a 4:55.6xx is achieved. this is obviously not final or anything but these are the "best possible times" we know as of right now. the tas wr is also a 4:54.023 but that uses strats/inputs that are impossible for a human to do.

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Thread: Consistent Method for Optimal Framerule to World 5 for Beat 5-4

Started by: RoyLTRoyLT

"all the dead runs" = 1 run OpieOP

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Thread: Minus world ROM?

Started by: EthanAlexEEthanAlexE

i asked somewes for the ROM a while back and he sent it to me. i recommend just messaging him and asking for it.


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Thread: Glitchless new record vs old record

Started by: grodney2000grodney2000

all the timesave is in 8-4. there were just plenty of frames to save

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Thread: SMB1 Warpless Tournament

Started by: KosmicKosmic

we could just use alt accounts if this just effects partners/affiliates