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Thread: ALT F4 Strat?

Started by: ZeMemeTempleZeMemeTemple

why would you want to instantly stop in a speedrun?


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Thread: I have a question

Started by: Eternal_BlazeEternal_Blaze

You can take a break whenever you want but the timer keeps going. There are some spots in the run you can take bathroom breaks without losing time.

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Thread: I can't save warp :/

Started by: NeckoTVNeckoTV

dont hold alt, that doesn't work, use the character switch keys
Default is

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Thread: I cant save warp

Started by: FjGG_FabijFjGG_Fabij

You can't savewarp under 31 fps if that's the case, and you can't be on DirectX10 in your graphic settings. If it's neither of these then you are just doing it wrong, send a vid of you trying it with input display.

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Thread: Custom save files for ps4

Started by: MrSpeed39MrSpeed39

you have to make your own savefiles on console

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Thread: Can All gold medals% be a thing?

Started by: Veloxplayer098Veloxplayer098

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This is literally just a longer more tedious All Mission Run, All Missions is already a 13 hour run, with this gold medal shit its gonna be like 15+, only 1 person runs All Missions so I doubt anyone will run a tedious version of All Missions.
Also most speedrun strats do not work when trying to go for gold medals, in crystal maze you wouldn't be able to run past all the enemies, in friends reunited you wouldn't be able to throw all the c4's from your car, bury the hatchet you wouldn't be able to do buffered ledge grab, etc.

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Thread: taxi themed category

Started by: downtown_cab_codowntown_cab_co

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that already exists, NMS and MS, you can use taxis in those categories.


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Thread: Cheat%

Started by: YourBoiVBYourBoiVB

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I agree with yolo, it seems like a fun run if it has the same rules as classic% instead of any%, any% with cheats would have very minimal changes, also you shouldn't limit the cheats that players can use
Also this should be for Category Extensions, not the main game.
I'm actually planning to do a cheat% and mod% run at some point for fun once I learn the classic% route


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Thread: is speedrunning on the xbox 360 version still viable to compete for world record?

Started by: Crying_ObsidianCrying_Obsidian

also on top of what was already said, the FPS being capped at 30 means brake boosting and curb boosting would not have as much of a big effect as PC, and the lack of first person makes a few strats like the grenade strat in crystal maze impossible on top of other things.
Basically in summary, you can't get WR with Xbox 360