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Thread: IGT oddities

Started by: IndrekIndrek

I might be mistaken, but i thought that TCP/IP loading time was removed, except for the part where a local server starts?


Forum: Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

Thread: The (Not so) Great Marsh

Started by: FromeXoFromeXo

Does the Great Marsh allways connect to the Flayer Jungle?

I think that the answer is "no".

I just had a run trashed by Act III, the Spider Forest was long and weird and the spider cave was as far in to it as it could be, followed by a Great Marsh that i could not find a path to the Flayer Jungle in.

When i later gave up since i was still searching for the Flayer Jungle and the timer hit + time on my Mephisto breakpoint i continued serarching and found that the Spider forest was connected to the Flayer Jungle.

So for the Great Marsh to connect to Flayer Jungle it would need to curve around the Spider forest.

Also F Rakanishu.


Forum: Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

Thread: Music idea to prevent vod loss

Started by: CannonfodCannonfod

You can without any 3th party program change output devices for programs on Windows.

Settings -> Sound -> App Volume and device preferences

If your program do not show up on the list, make it output some sound and it should pop right up.

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