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Forum: CTGP Revolution

Thread: What cup organizer do we need to use?

Started by: FredsterfaceFredsterface

is it default or alphabetical?


Forum: Volleyball

Thread: Add the switch when it comes to the online

Started by: FredsterfaceFredsterface

when volleyball comes to switch online, put the category up so people can run it on switch


Forum: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

Thread: Requests

Started by: nesnes

i would do it


Forum: On The Run Classic

Thread: Game removed from miniclip

Started by: robinevarobineva

we need this game back


Forum: LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 (DS/PSP)

Thread: 100%

Started by: Ragde1Ragde1

its an error, ill fix it as soon as I can

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Forum: Picross DS

Thread: Touch Generations

Started by: Wipeoutjack7Wipeoutjack7

This is wonderful. The more people discover these games, the more people will run them. Yes you can submit this series with Picross DS in it.

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Forum: CTGP Revolution

Thread: ALL Individual cups added

Started by: Royal64Royal64

do you have to set the cups to alphabetical order, or the order MrBan35000vr set up?


Forum: New Super Mario Bros.

Thread: Minigame Leaderboard

Started by: FredsterfaceFredsterface

It would be great if we could time the minigames


Forum: Wii Sports Resort

Thread: individual cycle track runs?

Started by: FredsterfaceFredsterface

add individual cycle track runs


Forum: Talk

Thread: I tried to set up IL Categories for picross ds, but it wont show up on the leader board

Started by: FredsterfaceFredsterface

I also tried to set it so it only shows the IL runs and it would show either, please help


Forum: Sesame Street Fighter

Thread: can we have a one keyboard category?

Started by: FredsterfaceFredsterface

Everyone is using triple key and quad key, but it is not fair that some people have to use only one keyboard and have their times be lower than everyone else. So if we had a one keyboard category, people would have a chance.

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Forum: Super Mario 3D World

Thread: Level Runs?

Started by: GijsVanDenBroekGijsVanDenBroek

i would like a level run so i could start running this game. It would be great to start making new categories for this game so more people would like to run it without spending hours on it.

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Forum: Sonic Colors

Thread: Are there any single level speedruns?

Started by: Cannoncool234Cannoncool234

i would also want an IL leaderboard

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Forum: Mario Kart 8

Thread: can we get a level leaderboard?

Started by: FredsterfaceFredsterface

i mean on the website


Forum: Mario Kart 8

Thread: can we get a level leaderboard?

Started by: FredsterfaceFredsterface

i feel like there should be an individual track leaderboard, i feel like people would like to share individual tack times because most times on mario kart 8 are hacked and not real so it would be nice to see a legit leaderboard