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Thread: Feedback for Metroidvaniathon

Started by: TMTM

skateman pretty much said it all, also I'm so damn excited that we're getting bigger and bigger by the event ❤️ <3

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Forum: Yoshi's Woolly World

Thread: Category and Leaderboard Discussion for All

Started by: socialspeedrunnersocialspeedrunner

I've heard of some stuff going on about some people wanting no-badges to be added to the leaderboards? I was disappointed to see that there was none, I really think it has its place on there. I know your argument for not adding it is because there's no enough people interested, but maybe more people would be interested if you let us showcase our runs of it (whenever I learn it, I'll be doing some) on the leaderboards, as I do know of quite a few people that would be interested.