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Forum: CELESTE Classic

Thread: key%

Started by: ShikenNuggetsShikenNuggets

nobody really knows except the OGs from the discord server and they wont tell, and one of the rules is not to submit so its not like anyone could get a run on there anway

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Thread: Web Game

Started by: hahhah42hahhah42

added as web game i think

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Forum: CELESTE Mods

Thread: anyone finish snek mod gemskip

Started by: LoimjLoimj

people have done it


Forum: Super Cat Planet

Thread: discord?

Started by: FlyingPenguin223FlyingPenguin223

i just randomly found this game and was wondering if theres a discord


Forum: CELESTE Classic

Thread: Sprites

Started by: JustEpicJustEpic

it will, as long as you only change things visually and include video evidence