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Forum: Bear In The Big Blue House

Thread: Question about Easy Mode

Started by: SgabbitSgabbit

HI there, it seems that it has been forgotten.
I therefore deleted my run

thank you

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Forum: Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis

Thread: Emulator

Started by: YoungTalent69YoungTalent69

Hello thanks for your interest in the game.
Yes they are.


Forum: Alto’s Odyssey

Thread: New Radio Conservation Glitch

Started by: BubuBubu

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I, myself, this is a reasonable glitch and should be allowed. Let’s wait for the others to tell us what they think.

Edit : Oh I’m stupid, I’m the only moderator. 😄
It IS approved !

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Forum: Extreme Sports with the Berenstain Bears

Thread: Where Are The Mods?

Started by: CheezCheez

What categories would you like to see added ?
I can make that happen.


Forum: Alto’s Odyssey

Thread: Regarding the current record in the 10,000m (Any Character, No Wingsuit) category

Started by: Fahm1Fahm1

After watching at 0.25x speed, it has come to my attention that Oetam is indeed using the wingsuit in his current 3:56 run.
This run is now on deleted and the WR is now Morris14 with his 4:10.

It seems that this was too brief for me to notice and I apologize.

Thank you.


Forum: Alto’s Odyssey

Thread: Longer Category

Started by: OetamOetam

Well, there is already the Endless category, but if more people react to the post, I can add the one you want. Try to gather people who are willing to run this category.


Forum: Raid: Shadow Legends

Thread: This site is sponsored by Raid shadow legends 3

Started by: MiaunicaMiaunica

Why the fuck would I keep this on ?


Forum: The Flash

Thread: Emulators

Started by: ZaangaZaanga

I currently do not have time to manage it, although there is no run.
I add you as a mod


Forum: Swordigo

Thread: Swordigo’s Subreddit

Started by: FlashTheorieFlashTheorie

(edited: )

I’ve created a subbredit specially dedicated to the Swordigo’s Speedrunning Community, feel free to join !



Forum: Alto’s Odyssey

Thread: Android

Started by: SpielproSpielpro

You don’t have to post in this thread every time you upload a run.


Forum: Pitfall!

Thread: Are Emulators Allowed?

Started by: Otterstone_GamerOtterstone_Gamer

Sorry, i just saw this post, yes the emulators are allowed


Forum: Alto’s Odyssey

Thread: 500 coins

Started by: FlashTheorieFlashTheorie

I must admit that a 10 000m speedrun no wingsuit any character will be indeed very nice, all add those two !

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Forum: Alto’s Odyssey

Thread: 500 coins

Started by: FlashTheorieFlashTheorie

Is anyone interested by a 500 coins category as in Alto's Adventure ?


Forum: The Site

Thread: Request leaderboard moderation (Read the first post before posting!)

Started by: lewisandsparklewisandspark

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I would like to apply to be a mod for Alto's Odyssey.
The current mod hasn't been online for more than two months and i've got runs currently waiting to be verified.
I tried to contact him on his only available social account but no answer.



Forum: Extreme Sports with the Berenstain Bears

Thread: Time Trials Categories

Started by: vandwellervandweller

Jesus Christ, CheeZ_Fish, we're not all full time speedrunner, i'm working 60h a week, that's why i added PMYA to second me, i can add you too if that makes you stop crying.


Forum: Extreme Sports with the Berenstain Bears

Thread: More categories?

Started by: PMYAPMYA

I add you as moderator, i don't really have time for this


Forum: Bit Heroes

Thread: Categorys

Started by: SolidSolid

It is, yes
I remove the video need