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Thread: Games & Profiles - Comments Disabling, Permission Levels & Controls

Started by: MetaMeta

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At this pont im willing to give up and tell elo if they want there cake and eat it too, they will have to put up with shitty comments on the site.
The inactive leaderboards with hate speach will impact elo more then the greater speedrunning community


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Thread: What headset do you use?

Started by: FloppyPantsFloppyPants

Im using a second hand pair of Astro A40 Gen 4s.

Love the feel of them. not sure what else to say but i will say im curious as to what everyone else uses for speedrun audio weather it be speakers or headphones

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Thread: Games & Profiles - Moderation Features, Privacy Improvements & More

Started by: MetaMeta

The bear fucking minimum.
First all comments need to be wiped and started afresh cause no one wants to moderate every bloddy run on the site.
Second comments need to be turned off by default and a feature that is Opt-In not Opt-Out
Third comments need to be disabled on obsolete runs
Fourth since comments are unfortunately here to stay there has to be a notification system so we know when someone comments. cause as it is no one is notified when a comment is posted making it hard to moderate
More moderation tools are also required.

Looks as if you just flogged a lot of the moderation of run comments onto the runners. fun fact runners also don't have the time to moderate a broken comment system.

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Thread: Comments

Started by: HelixHelix

Comments is something I thought I wanted for a little while, never asked just thought it might of been a neat idea on paper knowing full well that moderating it wouldn't be easy.
Now ngl i want them gone.

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Thread: The Simpson's Hit & Run Blackout

Started by: Critch_Critch_

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Im sorry Camcorder but thats not good enough , anyone with half a brain would see the releasing an unmoderated comment system in 2021 would be a bad idea and low and behold it was a bad idea. If you agree that the state it was released in was unacceptable why release it?
You have dodgy phishing links littered across leaderboards, Sexist, Racist & Homophobic Slurs, NSFW Content and ACTUAL fucking porn.

You and your team at Elo has dropped the ball big time, while i might be a LB mod for a smaller game but i think i can still speak for most when i say this is unacceptable. Comments should be wiped site wide and turned off until further notice pending theses "additional safety/moderation features"

I would love to see comments return but with the following changed:
- The ability to turn them off altogether (perf an Opt-In System rather then Opt-Out)
- Obsolete runs has comments locked automatically
- Hold for Verification for people who don't have a verified run
- Proper notifications (cause no one knows when a run is commented on making it useless and hard to moderate)
- Proper moderation tools

This is a joke. wait no, its worse then a joke. The ball is now in your court, either get your act together or this site will rebel.

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Thread: Suggestion: Commenting on submitted runs?

Started by: peachy_zzzpeachy_zzz

8 Months ago - "This would be a moderation nightmare to try and manage for the site"
Now - Its a moderation nightmare and runs have nsfw comments and actual porn

Elo, why just why? did no one think before adding this? I would say you are idiots but that would be an insult to an idiot. . .

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Forum: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep 0.2: A Fragmentary Passage

Thread: PC vs PS5

Started by: FireStrikerFireStriker

Has anyone timed the loads between PS5 and PC?


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Thread: Flash Games

Started by: Code_GeekCode_Geek

That is very true, under the current rules i dont even think the humongous games would make it onto the site.


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Thread: About adding smaller/less "notable" games

Started by: vibaviba

I second this. If the game is fun and people run it, why shouldn't it be given a place on src. Why should smaller less notable games be forced to go back to the GoogleDocs of Old.

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Thread: is under new ownership

Started by: PacPac

I hope this turns out for the best but its sad to read. I loved SRC cause it was made by speedrunners for speedrunners. I hope it doesn't become corporate cash grab

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Forum: WipEout 2048

Thread: Are Emulators Allowed?

Started by: FireStrikerFireStriker

Are Emulators Allowed?


Forum: Ben 10: Protector of Earth

Thread: NG+ timing

Started by: BlueWillBlueWill

New runner here, i just want to leave my 2 sents on the NG+ rules.
Im not 100% ok with invisablity cheat code as its a cheat and not unlocking somthing you unlock by beating the game. It kind of feels like Cheat Any%