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Thread: Super Meat Boy Multiplayer Work?

Started by: WolstarenWolstaren

Hi there,

First of all this appears to be some sort of pirated or otherwise illegitimate version of the game being redistributed (without consent) for free (AKA piracy). We do not want this type of thing on this forum.

Second, as far as I can tell this post has nothing to do with Super Meat Boy speedrunning at all.

I'm going to lock this thread and remove it in about a day.

Stealing is bad, kids.

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Forum: Pet the Pup at the Party

Thread: Pet The Pup Speedrunning Discord

Started by: FimbzFimbz

I've made a Discord server dedicated to petting pups as fast as possible.

If you have any questions about the game, or running it please join the conversation at: https://discord.gg/JEn5rHS

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Forum: Pet the Pup at the Party

Thread: Clearing Gallery

Started by: EpiphanyEpiphany

Here's how I have my settings set up for All Pups. This setup will clear your Pup Gallery every time you close the game.



Forum: Super Meat Boy

Thread: Any%

Started by: Buffet_TimeBuffet_Time

Any% IS actually any%. Because that's what we named it.

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