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Forum: Slime Rancher Category Extensions

Thread: Puddle%

Started by: Pixelation0129Pixelation0129

Every Puddle% run would like this:

I dont think it would be good category its super short with no potential for interesting routing.


Forum: The Site

Thread: adding MrRacingmonster run

Started by: dahahawhatever

You need to be moderator for the leaderboard if you want to submit runs in somebody elses name

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Forum: Minecraft: Java Edition

Thread: Lava pools

Started by: BliwarkBliwark

You also have the option to use magma revines or dig down to find lava

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Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Slower Time

Started by: jonnaldjonnald

If you really want you can delete your current time then submit a new one and it will be listed.


Forum: Minecraft: Java Edition

Thread: Resource packs/shaders

Started by: RainVYTRainVYT

(edited: )

The low fire texture is not allowed. I didnt saw anything else problematic, so if you get rid of the fire texture, i guess it would be allowed then.

//edit: The crosshair is not allowed aswell, so you need to get rid of it aswell if you want to use that tp.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: background

Started by: ZMisteroZMistero

Go to that menu: and then lower Panel opacity.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Speedrun streams

Started by: [Deleted user]

I think people need to link their twich acount to their src acount to apear on the site.


Forum: The Site

Thread: Arabic Support (Volunteer!)

Started by: CrimssonCrimsson

(edited: )

Normaly you could apply for as a translater here:

but in the moment it says "Sorry, applications for Translator aren't open yet. Probably soon though."

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Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: so i got a good record

Started by: Pa_g123Pa_g123

Do another run, but record it this time.

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Forum: Minecraft: Java Edition

Thread: Do I have to stream?

Started by: JuliusTheTinyDogJuliusTheTinyDog

(edited: )

You dont need to Stream. If something looks suspicious to the mods they may ask you for:

-the world file your pb was done on
-footage of attemps

You are fine, aslong as you can provide those things when the mods ask you.

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Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: can i use badlion cleint to speedrun??

Started by: hEnnhEnn

"Badlion client is considered a mod and is banned."


Forum: Slime Rancher

Thread: New category idea: GildedGinger%

Started by: xoddamlolxoddamlol

(edited: )

I dont think it would be a good run. Its just a worse version of the "reaching the glass desert" run.

Btw your forum post would better fit on the catextboard:

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Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: I have a question about a speedrunning a prototype

Started by: MicsMasherMicsMasher

Dont know how they treat prototypes here on this site but
you can try to request the game with your prototype run and see if it gets accepted.



Forum: Minecraft: Java Edition

Thread: end% request

Started by: minisbettminisbett

12 eyes only work in newer versions (older versions have a bug where the portal is inactive when generated with 12 eyes).

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Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: pokemon running?

Started by: lunchedbox34lunchedbox34

Pokemon Red


Forum: Introductions

Thread: Ignoramus here... from NM, USA

Started by: beemerchefbeemerchef

A speedrun is a game playthough where you try to beat the game as fast as possible.


Forum: Minecraft: Java Edition Category Extensions

Thread: Few cattegory ideas

Started by: FamaroFamaro

-jumpless any%
-kill every mob
-craftless any%
-obtain all potions (just the simple drinkable not the splash and so on)
-obtain all food items (defiend by the creative inventory)
-get every stair (1.14)

I already posted them in the discord. Repost them here that they don´t get lost in the general chat.

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Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Gamedev submitting their own game

Started by: GFMGFM

(edited: )

You can request it. I don't see why it should be a Problem that you made the game 🙂

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