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Thread: Silly question: Should we put Sakurai's Terry Classic Mode run from the presentation on the leaderboard?

Started by: Fabby29Fabby29

I'm fully expecting a negative answer to this, but hey, at least I tried.

I thought of this when I realized this was the first Terry Classic Mode ever completed and recorded, and thus, the fastest time achieved at the time as it was stated that the presentation was recorded a month ago. That means that technically, Sakurai has had this WR for a month, and we didn't even know.
Plus I just thought it would be funny to see Sakurai's name here as a result of this.

Again, I fully understand if it doesn't happen for any reason, I'm just putting the idea on the table.


Forum: Mario Party DS

Thread: Minigames

Started by: Th3on3CTh3on3C

Study Fall would be kind of pointless, since the best possible score is very easily achievable. It would just result in basically everyone being tied for first.
Hot Shots has a different problem: it does have a high score record, however it is capped at 9990 pts (which is hard to achieve, but possible)
Hanger Management has a 2v2 and a Duel variant (or FFA in Score Scuffle), which work slightly differently
Otherwise I can give a full list of minigames that have a time/score record (some have already been added, but that way I'm sure I haven't skipped any):
Rail Riders, Hedge Honcho, Domino Effect, Cherry-Go-Round, Hot Shots, Pedal Pushers, Roller Coasters, Get the Lead Out, Twist and Route, Raft Riot, Hanger Management
(2v2) Soil Toil, Cube Crushers, Sprinkler Scalers, Book It!, Hanger Management

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