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Forum: Panel de Pon

Thread: Language

Started by: WiiSportsFan78WiiSportsFan78

No, using the English Patch is perfectly acceptable.


Forum: Waialae Country Club: True Golf Classics

Thread: kurtisconner is the GOAT

Started by: PessiPessi

I wouldn't mind seeing him challenge my Waialae Open (Easy Shot) WR 🙂

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Forum: Tetrisphere

Thread: On emulator lag and cutscenes

Started by: jammitchjammitch

Ok, so with jammitch's analysis of load times between EMU and N64, I have gone the Super Mario 64 route and separated the runs between being done on Nintendo 64 and being done on Emulator.

I've also wondered about if there are indeed different versions of the game out there (1.0, 1.1, etc.).

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Forum: Tetris Attack

Thread: Save State Rules

Started by: [Deleted user]

As of right now, savestates are BANNED across the entire Puzzle League series.

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Forum: Krazy Kreatures

Thread: High Score Category

Started by: FFRPro21FFRPro21

Would it be possible to add a high score category to the leaderboard for this game? It'd be a very interesting challenge figuring out how to maximize points in each stage in this unique puzzle game.


Forum: Panel de Pon

Thread: Category for Stage Clear Mode

Started by: poshiposhi

All Stage Clear runs for both Panel de Pon and Tetris Attack go here:

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Forum: Wario's Woods (SNES)

Thread: Time Race IL Leaderboard

Started by: FFRPro21FFRPro21

Hey, I think adding an IL leaderboard for the Time Race mode of the game would be a nice addition for the game. The mode does keep track of your best IGT for each category in game (Easy/Normal/Hard and 2R/3R/4R/5R). Hopefully this will be added. 🙂


Forum: Tetris Attack Category Extensions

Thread: Category Extensions Ideas Thread

Started by: FFRPro21FFRPro21


This thread is here for anyone that has any ideas or suggestions of some new Tetris Attack Category Extensions that you guys want to make and/or give a try. These ideas can be ones that can be done either on console, or on emulator. Let's see some interesting things you guys can come up with. 🙂


Forum: Tetrisphere

Thread: Discord?

Started by: Mr.PittsMr.Pitts

Not for Tetrisphere specifically, there's just too few runners of the game to make one. There is one for puzzle games in general ->

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Forum: Columns

Thread: Other platforms

Started by: NihilistComedyHourNihilistComedyHour

(edited: )

I guess I should also point out that Columns was released for the Super Famicom in Japan only


Forum: Mario Golf: Advance Tour

Thread: Do you have to get 1st on all tourneys?

Started by: Yoshi86UPYoshi86UP

From the research that I have done on the web about this, it seems like you only indeed have to win the Links tournament to unlock the Mushroom tournament.

If that is really the case, the question now would be: What is the cutoff on the Marion, Palms, and Dunes tournaments for finishing 3rd?


Forum: Mario Kart Wii

Thread: Rules about Items/Set Up in VS Rules

Started by: TheCrazyCrocoTheCrazyCroco

I was about to post 2 MKWii runs with the Strategic Items setting before this rule change, RIP. 🙁

So what are going to happen to the runs that clearly don't use "Balanced" items?


Forum: Mario Kart Wii

Thread: Individual Cup (No Skips) Categories?

Started by: FFRPro21FFRPro21

Yeah, I would like to see Nitro and Retro Tracks have both of the No Items categories as well, since 32 Tracks has them.

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Forum: Diddy Kong Racing

Thread: Adventure Two Category?

Started by: FFRPro21FFRPro21

I'm surprised this hasn't been discussed before (to my knowledge), but how about a separate category for speedrunning the Adventure Two mode? Having played this game mode a lot back when I was younger (but never beat it), I know that there are a few things that would make this run much more challenging than Adventure mode.

Mirrored tracks - Initially it would be confusing for players/runners who are really used to Adventure mode, but after some practice will not be a big deal.

Better AI - Not really an issue to the best players in the world, but for more casual players this would make it harder to win the races and collect the platinum balloons in order to progress in the mode.

Silver Coin Races - In Adventure Two, the silver coins are placed in harder, more out of the way places than more along the track in Adventure. This would make for some interesting routing for each silver coin challenge race as the game would force you to take certain paths that you would never take in an optimized Time Trial run in order to get all of the silver coins and win the race.

Hopefully I've explained everything well enough and I hope that you'll consider this extra category.




Forum: Mario Kart Wii

Thread: Individual Cup (No Skips) Categories?

Started by: FFRPro21FFRPro21

How about having No Skips categories for all the individual cups that have tracks where major/glitch skips can be performed?

Example: Flower Cup (No Skips) since major skips can be performed in Mario Circuit, Coconut Mall, and Wario's Gold Mine.


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Forum: Wii Sports

Thread: wr

Started by: YaBoyBTrueYaBoyBTrue

What video?

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Forum: Tetrisphere

Thread: Marathon

Started by: baseball_caniacbaseball_caniac

@baseball_caniac: Yeah, most of the modes in the game are a pretty decently long length to do (with the exception of Time Trial and maybe Puzzle).

This was one of my favourite N64 puzzle games to play growing up. With enough practice, each mode is not too difficult to beat.

Thanks for the props on my run 🙂 . I believe getting under 1:30:00 in Rescue is possible, but that will be pushing it a bit.

Hope to see you do some runs of this game soon. 🙂


Forum: The Site

Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

Hi, I would like to request super mod for the game Tetrisphere please. There's only one moderator for that game and he/she hasn't been online now for a month. I also submitted a run for that game a little while ago, around 2 weeks ago or so (may have submitted the same run twice by mistake but I don't know LOL), and it still hasn't been verified yet.