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Just suggesting that perhaps PC should have a separate leaderboard from PS4/Xbone? Vorian gains about 50 seconds on me every split from load times.

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Hot damn, I wasn't aware that the performance difference was that severe (basing on my own experience, though I'm using a spin drive in my PC). I'll see what I can do about that.

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I agree with this. Replacing the PS4's stock internal drive with an SSD is possible but isn't something one can easily or safely do without research, and doing the same on an Xbox One will void the warranty.

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I guess the problem gets bigger because we have to load twice with Quali aswell...
Maybe it would make sense to move to GrandPrix mode and just have to put every track in real order in, which they have to show at the beginning of the video or something like this....


Console would still lose out massively due to the loading time in between races.


@merpellmerpell i also loose time inbetween races because my pc isnt that good...
There will always be someone who has the advantage in loading times.
Only way to fix that would be to make a loadless timer.
So if we dont want to do loadless timer we should think about reducing the amount of loads we have to do

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