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Thread: SDA vs file select timing

Started by: mobiusmanmobiusman

So I'll take responsibility for screwing this all up.

Funny thing about this: For many years, before I came along, SDA timing WAS from File Select (THAT'S how long it was between the last SDA submission and mine). The short historical version: After it was discovered that in-game time was useless (It was known many years back, even before I went more in-depth about some of the particulars, that the in-game timer was useless for segmented runs because it dropped seconds upon reloading, and segmented runs in general and relating to Metroid II specifically were much more popular then than they are now), it was one of the first games in the series to use real-time as the primary timing method (After the original Metroid, for the obvious reason of "The original Metroid completely lacks an in-game timer"). Radix, pre-maturation-of-SDA, decided to count from file select as a form of "segmentation penalty" for the game, whereas most other games on SDA counted from the time you first gained control of your character. For consistency's sake, he also applied this penalty to the "first" segment, which made "From hitting start on the title screen" the de facto "SDA timing" for Metroid II.

It wasn't until I submitted my runs sometime in the past couple years that SDA timing changed to match the rest of SDA (Because, well, it should've matched, and because being a single-segment run, I didn't think the segmentation penalty (As such) was necessary any longer).

Going forward, I don't particularly care which timing method is used (Forget "speedrunning Metroid II", when was the last time you saw me even stream anything), but I do agree it should be one or the other. I think someone should also probably come up with the exact offset (I think someone did, and it was something like 5.72 or similar)--5.65 was close enough to be "visually correct" in real-time, but I didn't do any frame-counting or anything like that to arrive at that number.

tl;dr: Do what y'all want, don't go along with what I did just because I did it and was the closest thing to a "name" the community had at the time.