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Forum: Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon

Thread: Defining any%

Started by: EmberPinballEmberPinball

There are two possible ways of defining any%. One is when the credits roll after the Fire Spirit is placed on the Ice Grail. The other is completing the Fire Spirit's challenge after the credits roll, where you have to ship 1,000 crops in 2 years (on PSP). Thoughts?


Forum: MLB Power Pros 2008

Thread: Success Mode route?

Started by: EmberPinballEmberPinball

Has anyone routed success mode?


Forum: Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

Thread: Japan Rom

Started by: NintendoPowerGamesNintendoPowerGames

If you search Harvest Moon Back to Nature Japanese rom you should be able to find one.


Forum: Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley

Thread: New Categories

Started by: EmberPinballEmberPinball

Considering this game is a remake of Save the Homeland we could do seperate endings paths as a category.

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