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Big shoutouts for reconstructing the whole leaderboard! Not a simple task, I imagine. My respects to you. ❤️


As somebody who has very little objection to the official inclusion of pX/p8 as categories, I also have very little interest in running either of them and would feel kind of betrayed if p1 was in any way bumped down to the status of a lesser category. Making them equal as subcategories is the most fair and logical move in my opinion. Anything to help include more runners both old and new without diminishing what's already there is a great idea. ❤️

Edit: I also would like to add that the fastest "true any%" category isn't always the primary one for a game.


Done. Go wild!

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Sorry for being extremely late, but I updated the autosplitter to work with the latest patch. If anybody has any issues, please let me know and I'll try to get around to looking into it.


That new pipe is incredibly weirdly and inexplicably placed. It's easy to work around though, but I have to burn another speed booster the way I circumvent it.
Does anybody have a better/faster workaround?
Note: Quicksaving and quickloading cancels speed boosters, so doing the clip works the exact same.

Also, I'll work on updating the autosplitter Soon™.


SUPERHOT is a bit weird with performance, but the 2nd tier ought to be fine. The graphic settings do not make a huge difference, especially considering the speed with which it moves when you speedrun it.

EDIT: One small thing to note since somebody else mentioned it for their game, you quit out of the game and load it back up partway through the game. This is part of the actual game and cannot be skipped in Any%, but it hasn't caused me any issues for a very long time.


I feel comfortable enough with my consistency in going below 23 minutes in SUPERHOT, so I lowered my estimate accordingly. With enough practice I should be able to consistently go below 21 minutes, but there's a lot of things that can go sideways so having some safety buffer is good.

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Since submitting SUPERHOT Any%, I reached my goal of sub-20 minutes which is considered a fantastic time and one which pushed me up into top 3. I'll keep working on it to try and become more consistent, intermixed with other categories to see if I can't wreck those PBs as well. :3


Interested to know why Sound Shapes was cut. No reason other than curiosity. :3


I can't quite figure out how to do that quicksave thing to break the load triggers to max your Agility like how m1_account did during his AGDQ run (Which was awesome, by the way). How does it work and how do you do it? Any help is super appreciated.

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The autosplitter is now integrated into LiveSplit! I haven't done any proper work on it in a bit, but I still intend to figure load removal, final split and other things out.


You need to crouch mid air before bouncing on Samuel's head to avoid killing him. It confused me at first, too!


Made some small quality of life updates to it while I try and figure out how to autosplit at the end and including load removal. You can now choose where you want the game to split in the LiveSplit UI. If anybody wants to add or change splits, please let me know and I'll add them!

Now, all I need to do is wrap my head around Cheat Engine and be creative..


Great to hear that it's working for other people!

I thought about trying to use the final cutscene and did manage to track down the address for it, but unfortunately to no avail. The cutscene seems to have to actually play and even then the splitter did not seem to catch it. I'll try messing around with it some more!

And the reason I've chosen not to use that method is because we go through several maps on each floor, which I presume would mean the splitter would autosplit constantly. There are quite a few things I would like to fix, such as having the splitter recognize whether you got the invulnerability glitch or not before splitting between MedSci and Engineering. I'll keep hammering away on this thing while slowly wrapping my head around Cheat Engine!


So I started running this just a few days ago because System Shock 2 is the best game of all time and I like speedrunning. I also like autosplitting! Thus I decided to try my hand at creating my first one.

It's very basic still and doesn't include load removal. You also can't reset properly if you try to on earth. Probably most significantly, I can't quite figure out how to make it split at the end, since going to the main menu doesn't unload the string for the currently loaded level. Any help to fix these things would be greatly appreciated.

The ASL script: or

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I don't mind moderating it despite not being able to play it if necessary. I'm intrigued to see what it will look like when played speedily.


Start running it and leaderboards will be added, it's usually how Chops prefers to keep his precious precious game pages.


Hello! I've been speedrunning Normal Any% for a month or so now, and I kinda want to try my hand at a Hell run, just for funsies. There's some good information scattered here and there, but I haven't found a guide or page that goes through runes, gear, quests and other miscellany (Such as viable Ancients combinations, what class is the easiest, etc) you need for the run. I don't expect too much from myself doing a Hell run, but I still really want to try it. Any help is greatly appreciated. ❤️


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