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Forum: Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!

Thread: Glass Joe IL Leaderboard Removed

Started by: SummoningsaltSummoningsalt

Ahh. I guess I have to go back to Dragster to get my invincible TWR.


Forum: Risk of Rain 2

Thread: play huntress pls

Started by: CorvusScribeCorvusScribe

Looked up your run because I thought the leaderboard was all Loader. Apparently I was wrong.


Forum: Marble Madness (NES)

Thread: LeKukie Skip in "The Long Way" Route?

Started by: ElipsisElipsis

Now that we have a new trick, we have to decide if we want to let it be part of "The Long Way" category or not.

My 2 cents here is that we should NOT allow it in the long way category. With the new skip disallowed, 5 out of the 6 races would now differently routed than Any% - which I think is awesome.

Still, I want to hear what others have to say about it. I won't insist on it if everyone else wants to see it included.

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Forum: Pringles

Thread: Barbados and GUAM

Started by: [Deleted user]

Pringles is an international sensation.


Forum: The Site

Thread: Game request

Started by: PoggiesPoggies

Ahh, glad it's not just me. I put in a game on April 23rd and haven't heard back yet.


Forum: Pringles

Thread: Questions concerning IRL%

Started by: stardustcookiestardustcookie

It's definitely slower to eat individual pringles.

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Forum: Cat Planet

Thread: Just went OOB in the overworld

Started by: cros107cros107

It's true, there was a row of like 8 of us playing Cat Planet at SGDQ.



Forum: The Textorcist: The Story Of Ray Bibbia

Thread: Throne Hall Crash Bug

Started by: teddyrasteddyras

Do we know if any of the recent updates have fixed this?


Forum: Cat Planet

Thread: Blindfolded

Started by: cros107cros107



Forum: Where's an Egg?

Thread: Isnt cheating very easy?

Started by: Mcguy215Mcguy215

Not a bad thought, verification on this is really weird.


Forum: Pringles

Thread: mod me

Started by: 24HourRunz24HourRunz



Forum: E.V.O.: Search for Eden

Thread: Ray vs. Eel

Started by: ElipsisElipsis

Nice find, thanks.


Forum: River City Ransom

Thread: Co-op Category?

Started by: death_taxes_n64death_taxes_n64

Yels and I got a time together once and I was a fucking embarrassment.

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Forum: Prince of Persia

Thread: Prince of Persia Marathon 2018

Started by: toca_1toca_1

Looking forward to it!


Forum: E.V.O.: Search for Eden

Thread: Reasoning Behind Order of Categories on Leaderboards

Started by: GreenMixTapeGreenMixTape

I always meant to come back around and do a dino run after I had a time with mammal that I was happy with - but I'm bad.


Forum: E.V.O.: Search for Eden

Thread: Reasoning Behind Order of Categories on Leaderboards

Started by: GreenMixTapeGreenMixTape

A sensible explanation.

Strictly speaking, any% is just whichever of the three routes happens to be the fastest on the leaderboard at any given time - but I think it makes the most sense to keep the leaderboards separated so one can see the performance of each individual runner relative to the evolution build.


Forum: Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!

Thread: Rules Question - Savestate for ILs?

Started by: ElipsisElipsis

Rules clarification question:

If I'm working on ILs, it is acceptable to load a savestate at the previous fight or start screen for the IL I'm working on - or do I need to play through the circuit to get to the guy I'm trying to IL every time?

I think the game is understood well enough that we know that the fights are all independent of each other - but I understand why this might still be problematic for some.

Please let me know either way.



Forum: Universal Paperclips

Thread: Timing Discussion: When to Start and Stop Timers

Started by: ElipsisElipsis

Everyone's runs kind of settled this.

Looks like people are starting time on the Universal Paperclips logo and counting IGT, so we'll put the RTA stop there as well.


Forum: Super Mario World

Thread: 0-Exit Rules Clarification

Started by: ElipsisElipsis

(edited: )

Hey all,

So I'm working on completing my first 0-Exit run, and I'm trying to put together all the information from the various strategies that have been documented over time (mostly by Dots and SethBling).

From what I understand from reading the write-up on the current route, which I think is ( - the run requires massive multitap abuse to make viable.

I don't imagine that Seth is holding 11 buttons across 3 controllers while playing the game normally on the fourth controller... so how exactly is this run achieved?

I checked the rules on the category, and they weren't very specific. Is it okay to emulate these other 3 controller inputs? This seems like it would be impossible to perform by 1 person on real hardware even if you had it all... so what exactly are the rules for emulation regarding 0-exit?

The top runs aren't marked as emulated... so... if that's the case - how is the WR strat even possible?

Thanks friends!