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I'll try to join 🙂

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Yes. Make sure to include a demo or a video in your submission

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Record a demo or have a video of the run with accurate IGT.

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Rejected and verified some runs today. If you don't like waiting @ me on twitter. I can't login to on my main browser for some reason so I only check this site very rarely.




you can also just submit the .pak file or even the demo is just fine.
When do you get the error "can't load e4m1.dem"? After you enter e4m1 from start map in your demo?


Laita mun nimi kumpaankin


radc, do you have the latest JoeQuake? (link to the download page is in the main post)


I use Fraps to record the run during demo playback. There are some in-game tools to record demos into .avi but I don't know much about it.

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Good thing you got it working! It's still nice to have threads like this up so people with similar issues might find a fix.

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For number 1, is your autoexec.cfg in joequake folder? Even if you launch the game as qdqstats I think it uses joequake folder to exec the autoexec.

For 2, did you try just using the binds "save quick" and "load quick"? I remember someone having this problem and I think it was because the default QS/QL binds are dumb.


"And to record just one level, you would just modify the command to have the level name instead of start, correct? "
yes, correct.

"Would this run be classifed as rta, just to be sure?"
Yes that's RTA. Just like you pointed out he restarts a level mid run.

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Sounds fun, sign me up!

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"I would hold off on booking anything until I can confirm which shouldn't take much longer."
¤4 weeks, 1 hour ago¤

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All advice I can really give is that you try different timings on the save glitch you do at the start. Use pausing, don't use it, save earlier, save later. Stuff like that. Also try running the game in a bit different settings, I remember that having something to do with it as well(?). If these wont not help I don't know what would.

Also about using another save to skip the crash, like you said is not really legit. Feel free to do runs with it but I don't know how ppl would feel about having those runs on the leaderboards since it would make it a lot more arbitrary. 😕

Hopefully you'll get it working tho!

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any info?


You buffer jumps. It's not really a "auto jump". Basically if you're in the air and start holding +jump you will automatically jump when you hit the ground. After that you've used that jump and you need to start holding space again to be able to jump again.

So if I want to get perfect bhops I will do a circle jump, let go of space, start holding space in the air, and now when I land it will jump for me. After I've jumped I need to let go of space and start holding it again so +jump will "refresh" and again when I land it will jump for me and just repeat this.

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yo, good stuff. I'll totally think about going. Really depends if I have the money or not.
Looking at the flights it looks like Chicago would be a cheaper option for euros coming in.
Also my date suggestions would be 4th-13th of March.

edit: looks like Toronto and Chicago are around the same price but it depends on the dates. So both work fine.




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