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Thread: Peercast Summer Tournament (2017-8-5 20:00 JST)

Started by: SaradocSaradoc

Sanjihimura: In the Elimination Race from last April, it was basically a "first-in, first-served"-policy and it worked pretty well. I assume it will be the same for this tournament.

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Thread: Sockfolder's FPG on different emulators.

Started by: zdoroviy_antonyzdoroviy_antony

The video that you linked was done in FCEUX.
Which part of the glitch doesn't work? Sockfolder uploaded a practice rom in the "Resources" section. Maybe this will help you to find out what went wrong.


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Thread: Glitch in 8-2

Started by: newpetenewpete

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Do you mean this one?

I think darbian mentioned once that he got it in practice. Sockfolder actually figured out (while trying to understand the mysterious lag frame in 8-2) that it was caused by some sort of “buffer overflow from updating the score”. According to Sockfolder's comments in darbian's chat: if you add 500 to your score right before hitting the Bullet Bill and the digit under the 'R' is a 4 while the digit under the 'I' is not 0, you spawn the line of numbers.
Please correct me if i'm wrong, because sometimes i couldn't spawn the line of numbers from the above savestate in the video.

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Thread: New or Old glitch?

Started by: 6regory6regory

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Something like this has been used for example in some of the "meme" categories to get extra lives or to [get over the Flagpole in 1-1]( HappyLee also used this in SMB2J to [prevent Bowser from spawning in 4-4]( I'm sure there are more applications of the "levitating Koopa"-thing.


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Thread: When To Start Splits

Started by: itsjustmickeyitsjustmickey

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I would recommend to first watch the beginning of darbian's tutorial ( to understand what "framerules" are and some other basics.

If you want to use a timer delay, it is important to know that the framerules already apply when you load the first level - so starting the timer on the "player select"-screen will not be consistent unless you press start at the exact same frame every time from power on.

People that run this game on console sometimes use the multi-cartridges in combination with a timer delay, so they can start the timer consistent on selecting the SMB1 cart. In this case, i saw that darbian uses a delay of 3.97s to start the game on the third possible framerule. If you want to press start on the first or second framerule, you have to subtract corresponding multiples of ~0.35s per framerule (it's up to you on which framerule you want to start the game).

If you use the standard SMB1 cartridge, you can also start your delayed timer on reset (assuming that the time to reset is always the same). On emulator, the reset times can be different: for BizHawk 1.11.6 (with NESHawk core), i use a delay of 3.75s to start on the second framerule. If you use a different emulator, you might have to record some attempts with the timer running and then check afterwards which delay would make sense.
But either way, the timer should always be at 0s the moment the "400" appears on the ingame timer in the first level (i.e. when you gain control of Mario).


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Thread: I added a frame counter to SMB

Started by: t2kt2k

Sounds like a nice idea, i'll also try to give some input.
The timing usually starts when you gain control of Mario (i.e. the frame when the ingame timer "400" appears).
I'm not familiar with these romhacks, but does your frame counter also include lag frames (e.g when loading a section after entering/exiting a pipe or starting a new level)?
As darbian already mentioned, the most useful application would probably be if you're somehow able to time a section exactly to the frame, instead of a full run - so you could test things out on your console (using a PowerPak/Everdrive) without the need of any emulator.


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Thread: Very easy wrong warp 4-2

Started by: The_lone_pieThe_lone_pie

Never saw it this way.
While we're at it, here's another fancy (but useless) way to enter the Warp Zone in the All-Stars version (not a wrong warp though):

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