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Thread: Different Languages?

Started by: ApocalypsePackApocalypsePack

Use any language you want.


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Thread: About AC origins

Started by: ClauwasakiClauwasaki

Damage in this case is not equipment based but level and ability based - get maximum level and enough mastery level points to achive required amount of damage on your new game save file

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Thread: 100% Question

Started by: naanuanaanua

Usually for AC game it means 100% Sync


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Thread: XPloit Patch

Started by: meesbakermeesbaker

It's been patched.


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Thread: Animus Control Panel

Started by: ShaochyShaochy

ACP is cheats - cheats are not allowed - play the game as intended - NG+ run is easy enough already.


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Thread: Season Pass Question/thoughts

Started by: CaptainSmoothieCaptainSmoothie

If you go offline in uplay - you won't get season pass bonuses - but it also makes uplay awards not available - which overall should not be that much of the problem.


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Thread: Route Discussion

Started by: VisionElfVisionElf

Other perspective is always interesting. But there some problems with your approach:
First why are you comparing with BH run which is the slowest run right now - there is already a run that is one hour faster. So essentially it does not matter if you faster than him - anyone can do faster than him.
Second when you kill the Scarab is not the measure of how fast your run is - the good measure is when you finish The Way of Gabiniani - if it will be faster than current fastest time than yes, your route is better.


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Thread: Usage of Uplay Rewards in the run

Started by: EctortutuEctortutu

Second place seems to have them unlocked as well - so i guess they are allowed.


Forum: Watch_Dogs 2

Thread: Usage of Uplay Rewards in the run

Started by: EctortutuEctortutu

Question - are Uplay rewards allowed to be used in the run?
I see run on third place that has both cash rewards unlocked and Reseach Boost unlocked as well - so it's +3 research points and +30k at the start of the game


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Thread: PC Runners -- Gaming PCs

Started by: oasizoasiz

AC:Brotherhood needs 60 fps cap in one place or there is a big chance to softlock the game with higher fps but it's not a good idea to cap fps overall - as it affects loading times. Also riding horses is faster on SSD. So the fast configuration will be PC with SSD and with ability to cap fps in certain part of the run with some software - for example Dxtory. As for older PCs - Assassin's Creed games are generally very badly optimized - they don't run on weak PCs very well.


Forum: ESA 2017

Thread: Round 1 Cuts

Started by: flickyflicky

Got first sub 3:20 run of Assasssin's Creed: Brotherhood at 3:18 - and I will try to get consistent sub 3:15 as my sum of best is sub 3:10 already - so I'm lowering my estimate from 3:35 to 3:30 - can not make it lower in case there is no PC with SSD on event.

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Thread: 100% - What is required?

Started by: MidnightMidnight

There is 100% segmented run available on this site - watch the run, do all the things that are done in the run - and you will get 100%


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Thread: New runner with questions and clarification

Started by: impliedScienceimpliedScience

There are no guides so you need to either watch the actual run of the game or go on and research AC1 forum for useful information.

1) You can assassinate them with hidden blade when they are vulnerable
2) Hidden blade may be the best for counters on high level enemies
3) Use what is comfortable to you - I use default controls
4) There should be AC1 maps on internet - I don't know if they include hidden spots
5) No there will be no obscure categories - there are no runners for the main ones - there is no reason to add new category for each new runner


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Thread: Separate Category for XP Boost & DLC content version please?

Started by: OdinsfallOdinsfall

Done - you can sumbit your run in No Season Pass category.


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Thread: HELP WANTED: Figuring out triggers for first mission of King Washington Episode 3

Started by: theenglishmantheenglishman

(edited: )

Considering optional objective it seems to be just on fixed timer - you have a certain time to sink as many ships as you can and after that you get the checkpoint.


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Thread: Version differences

Started by: [Deleted user]

No one knows cause no one tried to run it on PS3


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Thread: Addition Of Single Sequence Leaderboards

Started by: JamesPMastersJamesPMasters

It's possible - but first set of rules that allows fare competition must be made - as replaying memory allows you to play with all unlocks and max level equipment. So IL would require all skills unlocked, all tool upgrades crafted and fully upgraded level 10 equipment equipped if someone wants to run it.