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With the first batch of accepted games in the bag we move on closer and closer to the schedule release and ultimately the event in February.

Check out all the games and their current status here:

So far we only cut surplus categories and all the games that are still "pending" will be reviewed again when we make real cuts before releasing the schedule on December 1st.

To the accepted runners

Now is the perfect time to get your tickets, book your hotel room and plan your travels. You'll find the necessary information in the General Thread.
If you let us know privately or in the submission form about your availability at the event, we'll make sure to be mindful of that when creating the schedule.

Moving forward

As already stated in the original post about the submission process, we will reopen game submissions for chase games (info here) again between Monday, November 20th and (including) Saturday, November 25th.

However, instead of only accepting submissions for chase games during that phase, we will re-open the form for everything again!
Reasons being that we're still looking for more games to flesh out the roster and also need to have a healthy pool of backup games in place.
We're still very adamant on trying to give everybody who submitted a game in the marathon for this event, no matter how long (there might be a limit...looking at you, Baten Kaitos 100%..) or short, abstract or traditional the game may be.

Friendly reminder to also keep your times on the leaderboard up to date and to edit your submission (yes, they're editable!) whenever there are changes to your availability, the estimate or if you just want to update your video.
The leaderboards will be the first place for us to check up on your times. Having an up-to-date time and video on there saves us the hassle of trying to find it somewhere else and also saves the game from being cut because we can't find your time.

Bonus announcement!

As a bonus for ESA Winter, we will be introducing a stream area built from surplus equipment! What you can expect are a couple of streaming stations fully ready to start streaming.
- Streaming PC
- Capture equipment for PCs and consoles
- Webcam
- Microphones

Scheduling Team Information

If you have any questions, post in this thread or PM either Fatzke#4192, eTholon#5871 or IrregularJinny#2406 on the ESA Discord. Non-private PMs may be posted in this thread if we feel they would be helpful to others.

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