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Alright thanks for the response, im thinking of buying the game on the switch and i want to learn this speedgame!

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is there a big difference between the PC version and lets say, the Switch version?


I have an NTSC-U and i got the right codes i think i need to wait the 30 seconds or connect my wii to the internet, thank you for your help my guy!


Okay so ive downloaded the codes and ive gotten the compatible ones, but everytime i load it up from Nintendont it doesnt do anything, i looked into the launch settings and enabled cheats but it just freezes when i load up the game. i have a copy of the game and im loading the game from nintendont by loading the disc from there. am i missing something? can someone give me any advice?


I first run was 1:49.23 and now I got it down to a 1:24.21. I started about a month ago so I have gotten better soon.