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Thread: Fast Any%

Started by: [Deleted user]

Because Nintendont is the only way to use Gecko codes for Gamecube games on Wii. The disc requirement is so that load times are consistent for everyone.


Forum: Super Mario Sunshine

Thread: Fast Any%

Started by: [Deleted user]

Fast Any% was added because it has merit (it's a more efficient way to play/practice the game), and a lot of people have expressed interest in wanting to compete in it. We recognize that it's not on the same level as the regular categories, which is why it is a miscellaneous category.

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Thread: What if we could skip cutscenes?

Started by: Triple-067Triple-067

It is indeed astounding that Nintendo decided not to make cutscenes skippable. Unfortunately it's not always possible to break a game to the point where you can just do whatever you please, as is the case with this game 🙂


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Thread: Emulator Video Requirement

Started by: RandomPerson54RandomPerson54

We basically don't want people to play on emulator, as the game does not emulate accurately and it's not official hardware. We also don't want to encourage piracy. We allow new players to start out on emulator so that they're not forced to invest money just to try out speedrunning the game. If you really care about having your time on the leaderboards, then you'll have to record your run. Otherwise just don't submit your runs, it's not the end of the world to not be on the leaderboards.

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Thread: Question Regarding Backups on DVD-R

Started by: JeromeJerome

I'm just gonna go on record here and say that burned discs fall in the same boat as USB/SD loading. It's not official hardware, therefore there is no guarantee that it will perform the same as an official disc.

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Started by: Edward_StryfeEdward_Stryfe

What Guggy said is not accurate, the emulator leaderboards are only for runs done on Dolphin. USB loading and the like are not allowed on our leaderboards at all. That being said, emulator is also discouraged and I would strongly suggest you play with an official disc if you want to run this game even somewhat seriously.


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Thread: Scrub Question

Started by: DezeditDezedit

The first thing you're talking about is a hoverslide. This is performed by hovering for a very short time to create a puddle of water underneath Mario, and then diving into it to initiate a waterslide.

The second technique is called spam spraying, this is done by pressing R and A at the same time. Be wary that you need to press down R all the way, and if you want to do multiple spamsprays in a row it's best to fully release R inbetween.


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Thread: Regarding Veman

Started by: Gc4ever4001Gc4ever4001

I don't consider myself part of the LM community, but I've been watching this thing unfold and I can't help but draw some parallels to a situation we had in the SMS community.

On the Sunshine leaderbards a person lied about having a certain time. Eventually enough people were skeptical of it that the person gave in and admitted to lying. A while later they wanted to submit a legit run. The moderators unanimously allowed this person to post times, which greatly upset some people in the community. This ended up being quite messy, and took a while to rectify itself.

I think the key difference with this situation is that the mods were not able to come to an agreement. The moderators should be trusted and informed people in the community, as such I believe that their judgement should be final. Since in this case the mods weren't able to agree on the issue, it seems the situation was kind of dumped onto the community, which I don't think is the right thing to do. There should be some civil process in place for the moderators to come to a decision in these situations. At the same time you can never please everyone, and this should not be the goal.

I personally am against banning people from leaderboards, that being said I'd like to give my thoughts on a few of the points that were brought up in this discussion:

1. Veman never cheated

This argument is very absurd to me. While it is true that there was no rule against USB/SD loading at the time when his runs were submitted, it's very clear that he misinformed people so that his runs seemed much better than they actually are. In addition the point that "Anyone could've timed the difference and exposed him" doesn't hold water when 2 respected players (Bonesaw and Skozzy) both did exactly this, only to be hunted by Veman's fans and not taken seriously by the community.

2. Veman deserves to be punished

Some people seem to be rather bitter about the fact that Veman "Got away with it". This is an absurd notion, just because no judgement was handed down in the past doesn't make what he did any worse. This argument is purely based in emotions and should have no bearing on the decision.

3. What's in the past is in the past

Similarly, just because this happened a while ago doesn't mean that Veman should get away with this solely based on that fact. The punishment should fit the crime, I can understand there not having been one as Veman basically vanished after the situation occured. Now that he's back though, he should be required to face the consquences of his actions if there are any.

It's a little unclear to me what the current situation is, I think based on Adam's statement in Gc4ever's post, Veman is now allowed to post runs. I am of the opinion that if this is the final decision, then MonadoPurge's punishment should also be retracted. Their situations are similar and I currently see no reason to treat them so vastly differently. Feel free to convince me otherwise.

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Thread: Updated Practice Codes

Started by: psychonauterpsychonauter

Yo this is amazing! To add onto Diddeh's suggestions, it would be really nice if there was a way for Sirena Shines that take place in the hotel to just put you straight in the hotel, kind of like how reloading a Pinna Park shine works. The Dialogue skips luckily already make Sirena a lot nicer to practice!

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Thread: 1YG

Started by: LaxxiusLaxxius

Yoshi is ALWAYS required for EYG, because you need him to enter the loadzone. The only way to skip more of Pinna with EYG is if some sort of glitch is found that unlocks Yoshi before beating Pinna 4.

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Thread: When was yoshi skip found and who discovered it?

Started by: Danieru29Danieru29

Idk if you're being serious at all Len, but people tend to attribute stuff to Bouncey because they're dumb, not because he claims to have discovered them.

Anyway, Lin delivering like a boss! I've actually never seen that video before. The comments are really interesting. Route discussion from before the optimal route was determined, as well as people not understanding how the skip works while we have it down to a science nowadays. Very neat.


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Thread: sirena 1 backhover

Started by: mugg1991mugg1991

Doesn't seem useful RTA unless you can combine it with Y camera looking at the sun,


Forum: Super Mario Sunshine

Thread: Practice Codes

Started by: MattyPatty10MattyPatty10

Make sure you enable cheats in the Nintendont menu. This should be on by default, but apparently it's not always the case.

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Thread: Nintendont Loading Times

Started by: snakemaster777snakemaster777

USB/ SD load times from Nintendont are a lot faster, and therefore it's not allowed. Disc loading through Nintendont should be the same, but I'm not 100% sure about that. It's preferred to just load discs through Gecko OS or the Disc Channel.


Forum: Super Mario Sunshine

Thread: Major skips

Started by: JJsrlJJsrl

No Major Skips is basically Any% before GBS was found. I'm a bit hazy on the timeline myself, so I don't know for certain if Honey Skip was found before GBS.


Forum: The Site

Thread: Report a site bug

Started by: ZephilesZephiles

Game is Super Mario Sunshine, I'm using Firefox. Pretty sure other mods have issues editing things as well.


Forum: The Site

Thread: Report a site bug

Started by: ZephilesZephiles

When trying to edit Extra Variables on a game, every time I make a change I get the error 'Your security token is invalid. This most likely means that someone tried to trick you into doing stuff you do not want.'

Can't make modifications to the Extra Variables because of this.


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Thread: Level Leaderboards

Started by: DeathJohnsonDeathJohnson

We can't fully change the rules for every level, we can just add things. Also currently there are some issues where we can't edit the rules properly. For all the IGT Shines, it SHOULD say at the bottom of the rules: "In-Game time is used.".

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Forum: ESA 2016

Thread: Second Round Cuts

Started by: flickyflicky

(edited: )

I wasn't gonna bother asking for feedback on my submissions and figured I'd just wait, but there seems to be nothing added to the doc at all yet. So in light of that, I'd like to ask for the reason behind cutting Super Mario Sunshine.


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Thread: Corona Loading Zone

Started by: snakemaster777snakemaster777

People have clipped into the Bianco 6 loadzone, both with and without cheats. To my knowledge all the possible early loadzones have been checked.