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Thread: :O

Started by: Samobujstwo037Samobujstwo037

Yeah, if you watch the start of the run he doesnt mess with the gamemode. Hardcore is its own seperate one so for him to get that he would need to press that button. He just used a texture pack

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Thread: Question about Game Rules

Started by: AnthcnyAnthcny

It basically means that you cant use scrollwheel to rapidly press button inputs (i.e Right Click or Jump) to gain an advantage. Using the scrollwheel to move your hotbar is allowed because its default.


Forum: Skylanders: SWAP Force

Thread: Hmm

Started by: BlucatubeBlucatube

So its essentially a run thats worse than the current one, I'll pass.

There is one category that could be done that fits the bill: Ultra Nightmare. Play on Nightmare, and only one life. Its only officially done with Giants, but if you do a run of it then Im sure we can bring it here


Forum: Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

Thread: why did they add a pc version

Started by: ASK_The_GamerDragonASK_The_GamerDragon

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No, the rules set on it still apply. For now its separate because
We are still discussing the rules around it and, consoles cant compete with PC, a bad situation when the PC costs upwards of $100 and is very hard to find. The rules still apply, however, to normalise hardware differences

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Thread: Minecraft Speedrunning Moderator

Started by: zt29zt29

As a rule of thumb, you need to be active in the community, show that you could be a good mod, and (most importantly) you dont beg for it

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Forum: Minecraft: Java Edition

Thread: Key Remapping

Started by: KewprKewpr

Not that it would matter as the game rules explicitly ban macros and autoclickers

"Do not use macros external programs to remap inputs"

Honestly this is worded terribly, but no you cant use them

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Forum: Minecraft: Java Edition


Started by: GrinmaceGrinmace

Im sure with a bit of searching something ok can be found. But again, there isnt a reason to do it as snapshots arent allowed, especially as 20w45a doesnt add anything useful. Maybe when the new cave generation and biomes are added it could be fun to see what can be done


Forum: Minecraft: Java Edition

Thread: What’s the best way to record runs?

Started by: thEthanTthEthanT

Livesplit isnt a recording software, its a timing software

As for the original question, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Is a very good one as it can record the game directly while also having other things like timing, text, and lots of other neat things


Forum: The Site

Thread: is under new ownership

Started by: PacPac

I think we all owe pac a great big thnk you for doing this important work for the community, best of luck and enjoy the break, you earned it

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Forum: Skylanders: Imaginators

Thread: Difficulty Level?

Started by: LessooLessoo

No, any difficulty can be used. However, its always beneficial to play on the easiest difficulty

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Thread: Retroarch and Lag Reduction

Started by: DukeDragon28DukeDragon28

thanks, I figured out a way to record though super awkward


Forum: New Super Mario Bros.

Thread: Retroarch and Lag Reduction

Started by: DukeDragon28DukeDragon28

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I guess I have 2 questions:
1. Is retroarch allowed for the emulator category (I have a DSi XL but not a good way to record it so I hope to use emulator)
2. If so, whats the easiest way to reduce lag when using it (desmume)

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Forum: Skylanders: Imaginators

Thread: hey are the mods still focus on this

Started by: I_did_a_runI_did_a_run

If you need to contact a mod, you can also do it on the community discord

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Forum: Super Mario Maker 2

Thread: Recording on a Camera

Started by: PancakeRaichu13PancakeRaichu13

As long is the gameplay is clear at all times, there wont be an issue

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Forum: Super Mario Maker 2

Thread: New Category?

Started by: DillPickelDillPickel

I highly doubt it, it just doesnt look fun because of the grinding. you take endless easy and make it even more stupid. But if people want it then it will be a thing

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Forum: Super Mario World

Thread: Allowed cores/controls on Retroarch

Started by: DukeDragon28DukeDragon28

There are 5 Snes9x cores listed in Retroarch and Im not sure which ones are allowed and which are not (assuming Snes9x is even allowed).
The cores are the following:
Snes9x (2002) , Snes9x (2005) , Snes9x (2005 Plus) , Snes9x (2010) , Snes9x
I also only have a Gamecube controller (and joycons but Ive never tried getting this to work)
Questions being which of these are allowed and are there any rules on controller bindings?


Forum: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Thread: Help with randomizer

Started by: RichieTomaRichieToma

Join the discord; the people over there are very helpful for this (1 day expire)


Forum: Skylanders: Giants

Thread: Useful Glitches/skips

Started by: [Deleted user]

There are loads of large skips, Watch the WR vid and/or join the discord


Forum: Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

Thread: Magic Items Allowed?

Started by: LexLuxrayLexLuxray

Yes, all items are allowed but only winged boots are used because the time it takes to switch far outweigh the benefits they have