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Thread: State Of The Leaderboards

Started by: RhyderrrRhyderrr

I would be willing to add another moderator or 2, if any are willing and have the time please either send me a PM on twitch ( or reply to this thread.


Forum: Final Fantasy X-2

Thread: Stun Lock help?

Started by: [Deleted user]

also the stunlock is most difficult to do on the Kilika boss at the end of Ch1 as it has very little leeway to allow for mistakes in timing. so if its' only happening on that boss then it's to be expected and your chaining will get better with time.


Forum: Final Fantasy X-2

Thread: About Emulator category

Started by: Kalas_frKalas_fr

I have added the emulator category under the misc section for our friends who are not able to play on a PS2. Good luck with your runs