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I'm curious what everyone is running and how stacked their teams are and how they find it helps or impedes them from speedrunning on this game.

I currently now have 3 teams I enjoy running and 2 of them are Solid.
I'm running Fusion & Realm of the gods mostly with an okay Potara too.

My Fusion consists of a
Lead: 2 Dupe LR Gogeta
SSJ4 Gogeta 3 dupes
100% Str Gogeta
2 Dupe Teq SSJ3 Gotenks
Phys Gotenks
AGL Bullpan

My realm of the gods is:
Lead: UI Goku
LR Goku Black/Zamasu
LR Vegito blue 100%
SSBKK Goku 2 Dupes
AGL Rose Black 2 Dupes
Str Godku

These teams all consist of units with multiple dupes or at least all available orbs open and almost all units are SA10 making speedruns so easy and it feels ridiculous now on Global.

These are definitely 2 of the best teams with Potara probably being the current best team.

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Currently been messing around with intelligence SSJ2 Gohan LR idk if I have it optimized, with my units. I just pulled 7 crazy units today and 2 days ago, so I have a lot of testing to do. Finially pulled tech ssj 4 Gojeta, LR Broly (couple of them), INT SSJ Vegeto and more. Phone just died but pulled another fuion Vegeto or Gogeta idr everything, too much hype. I have good units, but lack medals, just grinding in the game is hard for me to keep up with. I think i'll be much more motivated I found it's ran and the easiest game to get into if you play it already (my opinion). Whenever I post my first run, it would be awesome if someone would look at all my units if I scroll through them before the run, and give me input on what to grind and possible optimizations.

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If I'm going to do a run, then I'll just use my potara team, but if I'm playing casually I would run, Realm of gods, Majin buu Saga, Int, Movie bosses, Resurrected Warriors, Super, & Extreme

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Yea, I just watched 3rd place and they used a realm of gods team and never even built one, I took long break, few months after the category's were added to units. So before they became the statdard or right around when they started to develop into the meta I stopped. I'm back, and taking a break doesn't mean I don't have tons of good units. Just farming is needed. 3rd place Boss Rush only differemce is I never awoken the lead Goku Ultra Instinct. I didn't think the catagorys were going to play such a large role so quickly, and was doubting it would be the unit it is, because everyone got basically. I have tons of other great units, and just need to test many teams. With the right RNG, order of attckers, I should be able to get a good time or decent enough to post the run with a mixed custom team. Now that i'm only missing Majin Vegeta, Goku Vegeta and just a couple other, base units to LR's. unit. I just need to grind, or get a time post it grind and PB.

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mine is rainbow super team
TEQ VB Lead 69% activated
STR SSJ4 Goku 55% activated
AGL SSJ3 Goku GT 100% activated
SSJ4 Gogeta 55% activated
INT Gogeta 55% activated
PHY SSJ3 Gotenks 55% activated
all of em are all sa10


My teams are Movie Heroes, Movie Bosses under phy Broly, and SSJ3

Movie Heroes
GB 55%
Eza Gogeta 79% SA15
Phy Ssj3 Gotenks 69%
Ssj4 Gogeta 69%
Agl EZA SSJ3 Goku 100% sa15
Str Godku 100% / Teq Godku 55% depending on event

Movie Bosses
Phy Broly 55%
Str Lr Broly 55% SA20
Wrath Broly 55% SA15
Phy Transforming Vegeta 69%
SSBE 69%
Phy Golden Frieza 100%

Ssj3 Bardock 100%
Lr SSJ3 Goku 69% / EZA AGL SSJ3 Goku 100%
Ssj3 Phy Gotenks 69%
ASSJ3 55%
GT SSJ3 Goku 100%
Int Ssj Goku 55% sa1


Yeah movie heroes for sure


my new maine team is Sayan blood !