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I'm surprised how easy the grind was to get him awakened. Also sucks kind of, I need to grind Broly from the Movie story challenge thing to get his SA higher, I doubt I will pull another. Got him on a single out of 4 one day and 3 the next and all terrible until him. I was being dumb not saving stones, was about to buy some, I stoped doing that like a year ago. Then got him on single summon with Yamcha and kid trunks their flying in, only went ssj (only have gone ssj3 once ssj2 twice the last at least 10 banner summons, thankfully not multi summons like I usually do). I haven't even used him, but saw some videos and he was hitting hard af.


LOL a month later and seems nobody has or is gonna use it. lololollol.
Well it's usefull for certain things, Leader Skill is what I have been using for the 4th turn transformation almost always does a second super on that turn while against 1 enemy, always against more. For the power even before turn 4 is good damage and decently fast animations, the stomp is fast asf, I been using him with LR Boujack and it's been a good mix up for once.


LR teq Broly is extremely useful against the extreme z battle of goku ssj3 because i don't have any good card for that event on my side and broly just carry me through the whole event by dealing 5M damage to goku when i reach turn 4 and use his active skill