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Thread: Furi No Hit Speedrun - Proposition of a new category.

Started by: ÆtienneÆtienne

To be honest I'm not sure it's a fit for speedrun. A solid achievement no doubt, but all the categories we have at the moment are completing the game to different routes (arguably we could have an assimilation route but I don't think there's interest), whereas this is just putting a stipulation on the same route. I think also there could be some disagreement on whether it's a no damage run or no hit run (since you can get I-frames from dropping off the edge without taking a hit). You'd need two different categories for that, multiplied by two for the pause glitch, and who's to say it should just be on speedrun mode? Then we're splitting every category into 6 different runs! Or if you applied them to ILs, The Burst would have Furi Legacy, Furi PG, Furi No Hit Legacy, Furi No Hit PG, Furi No Damage Legacy, Furi No Damage PG, Furier Legacy, Furier PG, Furier No Hit Legacy, Furier No Hit PG, Furier No Damage Legacy, Furier No Damage PG, which is 12 different runs. I get that this isn't what's being asked, but it is a showing of how overboard it all gets when you put all the combinations in.

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Thread: Missing Difficulties

Started by: GundwnGundwn

Yeah I co-sign this. Would love to do 4 suit runs, don't really play 1 suit.


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Thread: Migrated speedrun

Started by: DircashedeDircashede

Hey, I noticed that at some point, a time I put on cyberscore got migrated over to here, I was wondering if that could be edited so it's linked to my current profile on this site.

The time is currently 210th by Minotaurion on 100%, as proof I just logged onto the account and edited my info page (obviously not a very good time but it's a time and it is mine 😛 Maybe one day I'll work on improving it).


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Thread: Switch Version?

Started by: MontraMontra

Oh it's fine, it's just that I wasn't the one in charge of it so I haven't touched it. For the time being though I've added Switch runs to it if you were planning on submitting anything for it.


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Thread: Switch Version?

Started by: MontraMontra

It's something that's a work in process. PC & PS4 times need to be split into separate categories with how differently they play, and Switch will probably come soon after that.


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Thread: The Edge 2 second glitch

Started by: MallardManMallardMan

Yeah, this is something that's well known. I believe it happens if you restart the fight right after defeating him in phase 4 (I forget the exact timing). Then you restart but his health hasn't correctly reset so that happens.


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Thread: Separated leaderboards PS4 / PC

Started by: [Deleted user]

(edited: )

As odd as it is, until you've explained it now, I didn't actually know what exactly was different about PS4 & PC that leads to the time difference. Since you mention the blaster, it raises an interesting thing I've noticed but never checked until now. Whenever I watch angelym's videos, it feels like his gun can shoot faster than mine can, which would explain why some strategies of his, I just cannot replicate (like finishing off The Scale in phase 1 before he tries to do his slashes, which I can only barely manage with a half charge slash). I also found that when I do The Hand seemingly perfect minus small things (like parrying 2 slashes in phase 4 instead of 1), my time ends up 10 seconds slower than his! I've now checked and it seems that he can shoot down The Hand when he's motionless in phase 4 in about 20 seconds, but it takes 22 seconds for me! On the other hand, as we saw during his last stream, I can consistently get a charge in when he teleports in the first 3 phases, but angelym can't. But we're both playing on PC, and my FPS stays consistent at 60. It's not like I'm bound to the same limits as PS4 players either because I think my Song PB is better than anything that's been done on PS4, and even that's a little sloppy. It feels like we're all in different situations but I can't work out why. I would love if there's a quick fix and all of a sudden I can shave 20 seconds off my PB hehe.

(I am not trying to suggest I am at angelym's skill level or even near it :p)


Edit: angelym has answered my question for me. So as not to de-rail the thread, it's because I had V-Sync on. New PB potentially incoming 😛

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Thread: Furier speedrun mode


We could pretend the in-game leaderboard is official for the time being as the dodgy times haven't infested it yet >:)