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Just making sure nobody follows that video, There is a FASTER route and time online, but it wasn't recorded into a single segment because lack of time of the route creator
All updated routes can be found here:

The fastest time is a 3:22:48


I updated my shitty movement maps with the 6th stratum, glhf


Would it be possible for Etrian Mystery Dungeon
to be a part of both Mystery Dungeon and the Etrian Odyssey Series
since its a crossover between the two. Thanks in advance~


This sounds like a lot of fun like #TeamBowling last year so count me in!

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Etrian Odyssey 3:

Endings Donation War - Donation war between Deep City and Armoroad Endings

Secret/True Ending - $200 total in the donation wars
Even with this ending I need to side with one of the city's, so the donation war would not be useless
This ending adds about 15 minutes to the run

Any donation higher then $10 will enter you for a drawing of a copy of the game (this is the copy I will be using at ESA itself)

If you really want you can add this as well:
Any donation more then $5 made can add a character name.
I will be making 7 characters in the beginning of the run, each can have 9 letters maximum

Considering this game is not that popular, I'm not expecting too many donations, but I might have been a bit too generous with the amounts needed, feel free to change them if needed~


Got a new PB in Etrian Odyssey 3, 1:46:15 in True End, which is about 15 minutes slower then Any%

This should be what the marathon run will look like, except from some obvious (read: not being able to read notes) mistakes. Every input I need to make in the game is on a piece of paper and as long as I just take it a little slow and read it, it should always be sub 2 hours


My new estimate for Etrian Odyssey 3 is now 2 hours, now that I've finished the route and its 100% consistent.

First run I did after finishing the route was 2:02:55 and that was with 2 unintentional time wasting resets because I can't follow my own route

I can't believe the current route only takes about 1 hours and 30 minutes (add 15-ish to the normal routes minutes for the true end) considering it used to be a 4+ hour speedrun

I'll be doing a few more runs today for the other endings, and updating that on the leaderboards but considering the game is 99% RNG manipulated there is not going to be much difference.