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Thread: NG+ Any% Category

Started by: MysticDraekyoonMysticDraekyoon

I can see this happening, don't know which version would be best throughout the run though


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Thread: Returning to speedrunning

Started by: DemonFoxHYPEDemonFoxHYPE

So as you can see, I will be returning to speedrunning soon.
More specifically I will be running NG+ on December 16th from 6 pm to around 9:15 pm and I will then take the 17th to prep myself for the Any% run to take place on December 18th from 6 pm to again around 9:15 pm.

To watch me as I get an improved WR in NG+ as well as a (watchable) WR for Any% either follow the link in my profile to my Twitch account or follow this link here:

Hope to see you guys, gals, and others there

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Thread: Rules

Started by: SytrusSytrus

If you want to use a hard version of Knack in the run, use Diamond Knack.
His stats are maxed and on easy he wont die easily.


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Thread: Username Change Requests / Account Deletions

Started by: kirkqkirkq

Could y'all please change my name to DemonFoxHYPE? Been wanting my name to change for a while but didnt know how to do so.


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Thread: Moderator?

Started by: DemonFoxHYPEDemonFoxHYPE

Well I hope you like it, look at the guides for the respective runs


Forum: Knack

Thread: Moderator?

Started by: DemonFoxHYPEDemonFoxHYPE

So a friend of mine suggested I try to be a mod for this game, so that's what I'm doing.

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Forum: Midwest Speedfest

Thread: 2017!

Started by: seckswrecksseckswrecks

I'm gonna do my best and submit either Knack Any% or Knack Any% NG+
I wanna have my Knack Any% NG+ time below 3:20 or 3:15 though


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Thread: Co-Op Category ?

Started by: DarqSaintDiabloDarqSaintDiablo

I don't know honestly bro, the players in question would have to be side-by-side irl. Since you'd have to look at the same screen for over 3 hours