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If you want to run a category, I'll add it for you. The rules will be decided by the people who want to run it. In most cases, I'd say glitches would be allowed.


Hello, I'm a series moderator for Harvest Moon.

We have a moderator for a game in the series (Harvest Moon DS Cute) who we haven't been able to get in contact with.

I'm not sure if this game was added to before the series functionality was available or what exactly happened, but our Series Mods (Super Mods) are not able to approve runs or make changes to the game.

If you could fix this for us, we would be very grateful!

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Winning 8-5, the new timing method will be ended at scrolling to the final page of the completed photo album.


[Removed Strawpoll Link]

Please vote in this poll. Existing runs (at this point, only one) will be retimed to accommodate.


A few months back I completed what I was calling a "Cupid" run, where all 5 rival marriages have to happen and timing ends on the first wedding bell of the 5th marriage.

It's been requested that I add the category for visibility and so others can see it as a possibility to run the game if they're interested.

The question is, what do we call it? Please vote below.


I did not know that about the festival/invisible wall thing. That explains why sometimes I can jump out but get stuck. If it only costs 1 reset to remove it per attended festival, I still think it's worth doing for +affection on gifting the various crops in the off seasons.

I have a few places where I have collected some notes. Some on pastebin, some on Google Docs, some from MrWeables himself.

I'll gather it together and let you know.


I've played around with this and there is solid potential for the All Photos run (or future longer categories such as All Weddings, All Recipes, etc).

I plan on doing All Photos attempts later this year and this will be incorporated in some way.


Hey, sorry I was absent for this whole exchange but it does look like you have it figured out.

I wouldn't reject a run for having no sound, though it would be preferred.

If you aren't already, you should use the emulator settings from TBJESE. He did months of research to get the game to run almost identically to console.


I've been looking around trying to find out about achieving the FPG but not getting the frame rule, I know darbian has talked about it during his attempts but I was hoping for some exact numbers. These were my first two successful completions during runs and both times I missed the frame rule.

Am I correct in assuming that I just have to do either the underground or the actual FPG execution faster to get the frame rule?

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Set this up a while ago and never linked it on!

Come chat and ask questions about the runs!

Also has channels for the other Harvest Moon titles as well.

¤¤Channel updated as of 12/20/16

This is a Discord channel for chatting about running all the various titles as well as general chat about the series.

¤¤Channel updated as of 12/20/16


This is extremely impressive and a cool concept. Dungeons are the places where the most time is lost so it doubles as an effective method of practice.

I like it, and I'd probably utilize it.


How would one go about an official request to review/remove MagicScrumpy's time on the leaderboard (currently 16th place). If Kenneth Moser's was removed due to speculation of being tool assisted, this one should be a no brainer.

This is all coming to light due to some tool assisted work he's done with other games (as well as submitting a Smash Bros combo video into a contest with a cash prize, claiming it was all done by a human, but with heavy speculation that it was also tool assisted). There has been a ton of discussion on Reddit/Discord and I think it's time for a re-review and ruling.

Ultimately, having this run stay approved diminishes the integrity of the leaderboard.

EDIT: Thank you, Mav! The time has been removed.

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Hey, thank you! I edited the run as it was done on Project 64 1.7, so I checked the Emulator box.

I appreciate it! I'm going to work on this time a lot in the coming weeks.


So this is a quick proof of concept. The route is a little slow and I'm sure there are better ways to do this. Here's what I'm thinking.

1. Show Karen my dog until Pink Heart.
2. Collect 450 Lumber and 5000 G.
3. Purchase a Kitchen.
4. While Kitchen is building, collect 980 G.
5. Purchase Blue Feather when Kitchen is complete.
6. Propose and sleep until Sunday.

The video I posted above was a run that took 1 hour, 9 minutes. I feel that with the above route it could probably land closer to about 50 minutes with no major mistakes.

I have a few concerns. The collecting of the Lumber and G is pretty mind-numbing. All in all, you can get the required Lumber by about Spring 13 and the G around Spring 15. That makes for about 30 minutes of resource grinding. Not exactly the most exciting thing.

The second concern is the damn Blue Feather. Everything I've read says Pink Heart + Kitchen Completed should allow the Blue Feather to spawn in Rick's shop. What I've been finding out is that there are other factors. I'm not sure if I have to introduce myself to all the single ladies, or if I have to see the cutscenes with Karen. In the video above, the Blue Feather did not spawn until I had Pink Heart, Kitchen Complete, got locked into the Vinyard building with Karen, and visited Karen when she was sick. It was not until after I visited Karen that the Blue Feather finally spawned. I will have to do more testing here.

Can anybody see anything blatantly wrong? Is there a faster way to collect Lumber / G?


Could we get a new category for Marriage? The SNES Harvest Moon has something similar.

We could separate it by the 5 girls or just have one category. Either way would work.


Loved the game as a kid, but never could beat it without Game Genie. Finally sat the game down a couple weeks ago and struggled my way through it. Figured I'd give speedrunning it a shot. Today was my first run after ~2 weeks of work. Every chapter still requires a lot of work, but I think 3 and 7 are my major time losses.


I don't have the means to record from my NES as of yet and I only use emulator to practice certain sections, but I do have some pictures!

(My Chapter 1 split was right when I left the dungeon, which is why it's so early. I fixed it later!)

Game in NES:

My long term goal is to get 1:10 or below!