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Some games have different names, f.e. across different regions. How are these cases handled by the site? I wish there was support for all different names. (Only English names, as it's an English site, supporting all languages would be too much right?)


Which is the fastest way to run Wii games? I would guess emulators also have faster loading times, but emulators are not banned.

As I see f.e. USB Loaders and such are not allowed because of this, but most of the time it is not pointed out in each game's rules. And who is checking anyway? There's no noticeable way of detecting if a run was done from disc or using a loader (unless someone is really dedicated in timing the loading screens).

So what's the state on this? What does the Wii speedrunning community know? I would also want to try running some Wii games, so I'm curious before I start.

Thank you.


Well making new categories for DS is obvious if anyone wants to run that, but what about the differences between Wii and PS2? I haven't played the PS2 version myself, only the Wii version, so someone who knows better should decide this. As far as I know there are less racers on track in the PS2 version, but more chooseable characters, and the controls are noticeably different (motion controls vs normal controller). Also there's one more track in the PS2 version, Skorost. Not sure how this affects the Championships and Classes. We'll have to see. I would definitely make sub categories for Wii and PS2.


mp4 "ruined" the existing categories but I guess these categories could be still speedran by using mp3 game version

what now lol nobody seems to care lmao


Now explain me, why does this simple game need more than these two simple categories? The game is centered around the penalty system. It's either a yes or no for me: all penalties, or no penalties. Why is there a way in the middle? Why focus on running through red lights and skipping stops? (As they are not allowed in your so-called Any%. It's ANY%! Finish the game as fast as possible, no matter what you do basically. This general Any% naming that works with lot of other games, don't work with this game I feel.)

Why further complicate this game with a category extension? What the hell 😃 This is not a big game that needs two pages on this website.

If you still don't agree with me, give me a time, and I'll talk to you guys on discord, I would maybe even prefer a voicecall. Thanks.


I don't think this game needs a category extension, and further complicating... whatever... This is ruined for me and I can't look at this game as a proper speedrun game anymore... Pretty sad and stupid decisions were and being made here to be honest.

In my opinion, all the game needs is two simple main categories:

Penalties - Drive as fast as possible with penalties
No Penalties - Be as fast as possible with no penalties

My renaming suggestions:
Any% -> Penalties
100% -> No Penalties


I can't get my point through, and I keep getting misunderstood. Is there a better way I could talk to the admins and talk through my ideas? Thanks.

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All I'm asking is that for "100%" don't only focus on red lights. Why are other penalties allowed in ”100%”?

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There's no 100% completion in the game, so why is it a category? Any%? Games with "any%" usually have a goal to achieve. Here it's just stages, tiers. Just change the names at least. And the rules a tiny bit. I find it weird how you can't run All Tiers (Original) with Gold/Temsa. Let me quote the rules. "this category is exclusively for the original/normal Bus Driver game."

There's two ways of playing the game for a speedrun, and those would make sense for two different speedrun playstyles, strats:

No penalties: Drive perfect
With penalties: Just drive as fast as possible, skipping passengers is allowed
(For the love of god help with better names, because I can't seem to get my point through. Maybe "Penalties allowed" and "Penalties not allowed" sounds better.)

So why can we get other penalties in "100%" but there's such a big emphasis on Red Lights? It makes no sense to focus on only one penalty type.

Also I'm wondering what your "to be honest you're kinda acting like you are." supposed to mean. I'm just trying to give a little sense to the rules of speedrunning to this game. I feel like the current rules and naming schemes are incorrect, and in some cases they don't make sense. That's it. Let's debate, and I'm looking forward for answers to my questions.

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Any recommendations? Personal favourites? Interesting videos/streams you can link? Maybe that will interest me, and I can look into the game, the strats etc. Thanks.


I think having the game on an SSD matters the most.

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Feature request: Search for forumposts

It would be useful if you could search for certain phrases in the forums section, finding a helpful forum thread, etc.


Also Original has 5 tiers. Gold/Temsa has 6. Why can't you run the currently called "All Tiers (Original)" with Gold/Temsa? Are there any differences in the first 5 tiers between Original and Gold/Temsa?

I recommend changing the category rules, and explaining it a bit better.


First of all, the problem with any big change is that I don't know what to do with past runs driven with old rules, maybe they could be archived, I dunno. Anyway let's visualize my ideas:

I just wish there were to two different rules for each category instead of the current "Any%" and "100%". These two names don't really fit this game in my opinion.

The two rules that would be needed are something like "with penalties" and "no penalties".

With penalties you can drive however you want. Just drive as fast as possible through the bus stops. You can skip the passengers getting on, and you should also be allowed to go through red lights.

For "no penalties" you just need to obey every single rule. That's it, you can't get any penalties. Drive as fast as possible, without getting penalties.

Of course these rule names could be improved and such, but I honestly think these are the only differences we need with speedrunning this game. I want to point out again "Any%" and "100%" don't really fit a game like this. There's no real game completion, and there's no thing in the game tracks how much % you have finished the game. This game is all about stages. I like the other categories though, Each tier separately, and then All tiers, that is fine.

On a side note: Why are you not allowed to go through red lights in "Any%"? This is such a dumb rule, it's like not allowing you to jump in a Super Mario speedrun. This is why I recommend a complete rule overhaul for this game, the current rules are honestly screwed up, and weren't thought through.

The main thing in this game is the penalty system, so why is it ignored? Especially in a speedrun? And why is the game centered around silly red light timings? This has nothing to do with completing the game, this is not true speedrunning.

In my eyes, just two rules are needed, something called like "no penalties" and "with penalties" (Please help with better names)

I have already thought of these rules these before Bus Driver was even submitted to, but it got submitted with rules like this... I'm pretty sad.

Mods, please think about this. I'm not sure what to do with past runs if the rules do get changed. My intention is just to have rules more akin to speedrunning.


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Will the "Rome to Newcastle" and "Lisbon to Warsaw" category rules get changed/fixed? Based on my feedback above. Thanks.


Well please find out, and if Gold/Temsa and Original has the same missions up intil Tier 5, why isn't he allowed to run All Tiers 5? It would be AS if he finished Original edition without any differences. Come on...


The versions make no difference, so why can't he run All Tier 5 with Gold edition 😃 Doesn't change anything, it would be as if he finished original edition. Also more runs to race against, the better and more competetive.

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Am I the only one who thinks that "Rome to Newcastle" and "Lisbon to Warsaw" category rules are bad? In other trucking games, the X to Y category speedruns are just pure driving, and unlocking isn't necessary. A 6hour speedrun just with trucking seems weird, it should be just pure driving right? Unlocking doesn't need to be a part of the run. 6hours, come on. 😛


Thanks for the replies guys!


I see a lot of places where pausing is not allowed, and funnily, in long speedruns for examples runners have to run to the bathroom in a cutscene. I also remember seeing a Super Mario 64 or Luigis Mansion highlight where the dude was on a good time, and he had to open a door for his roommate, or something similiar.

I would say pausing should be more allowed, what do you guys think?

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