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Thread: Counting Game

Started by: DarQ_MassacresDarQ_Massacres

The game is simple, post one number above the previous post, see how high we can make it. And if someone messes it up, start over at 1.

I'll start us off.



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Thread: It's time to say goodbye

Started by: R0mainR0main

(edited: )

I may have only been a Content Mod for a year, but it was an amazing year filled with amazing people.

I'm sad to see it go, but I knew it had to end. I loved working with Pac and the gang, as well as ELO when they took over, and my fellow Content and Full mods. Being a content mod was amazing and it allowed for me to meet people and talk with communities that I never would have before. I'm glad I got to help out the site and its community, even if it was only for a little while.

But this is not a goodbye, I'll still be around on forums and running games. Thank you again to Pac and to ELO for giving me this wonderful opportunity with, and I hope the best for it's future. Also, my DMs will still be open to help out in any way I can, just maybe not to the extent I use to be able to.

Hope everyone gets lots of Gold splits and WRs, I'll see you guys around.

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Forum: Math vs Monsters

Thread: Math

Started by: jannik323jannik323

the any% run is basically just the 100% run, there is no difference from the main run that you could make to have it be an any%/100% run.

But really it was just named that when I got modded on the board and I haven't changed it since.


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Thread: Suggestion: Bring to a NEW Level!!!

Started by: GameHasheZGameHasheZ

High Scores was a MAJOR discussion a little while ago, there was a lot of input from community, Pac, and the owner of one of the High Score sites, CyberScore. And the consensus was that High Scores do not belong on SR.C.

Speedruns have SR.C
High Scores have sites like CyberScore and

it's counterproductive to try and merge the two together

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Thread: My opinions on the new changes

Started by: DarQ_MassacresDarQ_Massacres

I am fine with getting ads after making a donation, the donation was not something I expected benefits out of, it was simply that, a donation.

As for the watchmojo ads, I have yet to see one while browsing the site.

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Thread: My opinions on the new changes

Started by: DarQ_MassacresDarQ_Massacres

The "forced articles" were a news section that they wanted to incorporate as a way of sharing speedrunning news with the community, yes it got a lot of hate, but it also got a lot of support. People just always seem to focus on the hate since the people who hate seem to be more outgoing about it.
And where did you hear of "watchmojo videos" coming onto the site? It's not something I've heard of.

I also donated to the site before becoming a mod, and it had nothing to do with the removal of ads when I did it, it was simply to supply money and support to a guy who made a website I used almost daily. the ads never really effected or bothered me since 99% of sites have ads, and it's just something to expect when using the internet.

That was something where they did not respond to everyone, unfortunately you were one of the people who they did not respond to. But there were other people who submit to that thread and they did get responses. But also, that was not something done by the mods, it was done by devs to get feedback on the site.

"So no, I don't think you actually care. Honesty is something you don't have"
I actually am hurt by this message, because I've always tried to be as honest as I can be, and even when I specifically say that these are my own thoughts, people still think I'm just pushing out whatever I'm told to say. You say every big corp lies to us, but I'm not a part of ELO, I'm just a guy who volunteers to help out on the site. I'm just another user who happens to have a fancy badge next to my name.

And yes, obviously they added ads for money, why else would they have added them? But it's not all "for the money." They added the ads so they could get more revenue and hire people to help them with the site. Right now all the site mods are volunteer positions. They made a paid position for the site, full time. How else do you expect for them to be able to pay for that then by monetizing the site a little bit?

Again, I don't want to come off as hostile, I'm just defending my point that ELO is doing a good job, but too many people are focusing on the negatives to realize it.

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Thread: Opinion of current situation in

Started by: Pengu_KnightPengu_Knight

There were a couple reasons why we stopped accepting PvP games, one big one is just that there is a lot of variables to consider in PvP games that can make it so that speedruns are vastly unfair to the people running them.

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Thread: No response from feedback section.

Started by: DelekatesDelekates

I want to point out that while they were not directly responding to the feedback thread they were reading it and taking into account the things said on it.
The new feedback form is probably just an easier way for them to keep track of all the feedback from users so they can more effectively use that data.

If you honestly believe that the devs are only in this for money and don't care about the community I feel bad for you. Because the devs DO care, and they are taking steps towards better understanding the community and releasing better updates (see the rest of the update news post) but all people want to do is trash-talk the couple bad things that had to happen to introduce the good things. I'd gladly see a couple of ads on my screen and have to use a new form for feedback if it meant that more QOL updates were coming and more opportunities.

Also you say "Even mods are not informed enough to make any kind of statement." which is not entirely true. I don't know ELO's whole plan and that is why I won't speak and put words into their mouth or promise things that may never come. I've tried explaining things to you in other threads and even made my own to express how I feel about this update, but you seem to only want to hate on the site and not see any of the good.

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Thread: My opinions on the new changes

Started by: DarQ_MassacresDarQ_Massacres

Before this starts I want to say, this is my personal opinion as someone who has a more inside look at the system then most people. It's not something I was told to say (since some people have thought that in the past.) It's just my thoughts on the recent changes and the changes to come.

ELO does a good job with listening to what the community wants, and it was/is a big project taking on a new site like SR.C. I was a C Mod before ELO took over, and I can honestly say that there has been more community changes since ELO came into the scene then when it was just Pac doing things.

People don't seem to understand that stuff like this takes time, and while yes, the monetization stuff is something that is happening first, there will still be community suggested updates and community betterment updates coming out in the future. Back when it was just Pac working on the site people would be waiting months for QOL updates and they never knew which update would come next, but there was never any complaints about it until someone else took over.

And to people who say that the community has no say in what happens anymore I say this. Send me a DM, send any C or F Mod a DM about concerns you have if you feel they need to be heard directly. It's one of the main reasons we volunteer with the site, is because we care about the community.

That being said, I don't agree with the people saying ELO is in it "just for the money" because I've talked with members of ELO directly and can see that they want to learn more about the community they entered and be able to understand what people want to see change, it's just a big process that can take a bit of time to do.

Anyway that's my small rant about things, hope it doesn't come off as hostile to anyone as I in no way meant it to be, just hope that this will help some people understand that these things take time.

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Thread: remove adds

Started by: DelekatesDelekates

The Ads are a brand new feature that was just rolled out, there may be adjustments to come in the coming days. It's a big change, but I'm sure it's for the better.

As for the news, I enjoy it, it's nice to read articles about speedrunning and learn more about communities I didn't know much about previously.

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Thread: What user that you've seen has the most runs?

Started by: JubileeJubilee

here's my list from the last time I checked (basically right before removing the user page)
those were the top 5, others I can remember were

And then I was like, top 50 or so on games run, top 10 on categories

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Thread: Why using Among Us Freeplay has legitimate categories

Started by: shupikshupik

The general consensus that we came to was that Among Us is a primarily PvP game, which we don't accept. And the freeplay content is too short and simplistic for us to consider making a leaderboard for it.
That being said, you don't need to have the leaderboard on the site in order to run the game. There are a couple games that have good sized communities for games that we rejected from the site, most have discord servers for the community and track records on google docs.

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Thread: Possible Speedrunning Marathon Event

Started by: GarshGarsh

I think it would be a neat idea.
It's sort of sad that currently we can't accept every game that gets requested to the site, but hopefully that will change someday.

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Thread: What's the funniest Rejection note you had and gave out.

Started by: LorLor

Hands down best one to hand out, single word and they understand why.

Best I had given to me though was a run where they put:
"Runs must have audio in order for the run to be accepted"
but the run did have audio, they just muted the video.

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Thread: Original Donors only thread

Started by: SioNSioN

I have 2 pictures next to my name, but there's no secret thread for that.

(or is there??)

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Thread: Help: Can any body help submit an endless game?

Started by: LencherOfficialLencherOfficial

Games that are endless are highly unlikely to be added.

There were some added in the past but since then rules have gotten stricter.

Now most games requested with goals like "get 10,000 score" or "reach level 100" are not accepted as there is no real end-goal to reach.

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Thread: Hi

Started by: AlexFnAlexFn

There is also this great category on the Cookie Clicker CE where you simply clicker 10,000 times

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Thread: Platform Requests / Tagging games to be part of a series / Adjusting game type or game title

Started by: DangerlessDangerless

@jojoretrogamerjojoretrogamer most series nowadays are being made without mods as we had issues in the past with people who had the series mod perms abusing them. So we take more care in which series gets mods and which don't.