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Thread: Green Hill Act 1

Started by: 1moregamr1moregamr

Like Pho said, 3 jump loops are the way to go for 0:24, along with optimised play: The fastest 0:24 I've seen using regular strats is only 0:24 by 5 frames. I'd personally suggest joining the Discord server as it's more active, and try to get a video so we can give you a hand.


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Thread: I'd love some feedback please

Started by: Golden_MaximilianGolden_Maximilian

I'll give a few pointers:

- Make sure to at least jump at the start because you'll accelerate to top speed from a standstill faster while in the air.
- If you're aiming for 0:24, you might want to use 3 jumps in the loop, because a 2 jump 0:24 is a handful of frames off perfect. It will do for 0:25 though.
- For 0:24, the latest time I've seen hit the checkpoint and still get the time is 0:14 and ~2 frames, so you'll want to make sure as you hit the checkpoint, it's just turned 0:14 a fraction of a second or earlier.
- Same for the first S-tunnel. If the clock passes 0:18 before you've entered it, it's not 0:24 pace. A high 0:17 might not either but that's a good marker.

Aside from that, your main cause of speed loss is the air speed cap, like above.

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Thread: SUGGESTION: Inclusion of the other Flash Columns difficulties?

Started by: DanielHallDanielHall

Hey! I've been thinking about this for a bit and I was wondering: What about a Flash Columns times page for the amateur and pro board? The difficulties play differently enough to novice where it might actually be worth making, as some of the times achieved just wouldn't be possible on the higher difficulties due to the starting boards being a lot more disjointed.

i do admit that i love this game mode a bit too much