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Thread: Least dodges run Punch-out

Started by: DangthatboyisfastDangthatboyisfast

I tryed to attempt to beat Mike Tyson’s punch out with the least dodges and this is how it turned out
The people that were easy were
Glass joe (0)
Von kaizer (0)
Piston Hondo (0)
( there is no way to beat don flamenco without dodging so It was about 5 dodges)
King hippo (0)
Great tiger (0)
Bald bull (0) although I will say it was really difficult
Piston hondo 2 (0)
Soda popenski (0)
Bald bull 2 (gave up)

I got stuck on bald bull 2 my strategy was to punch before he attacked as late as possible until he would do a bull charge and I kind of found out a strategy
First punch before each of his 4 jabs, punch at the last second of his taunt to get a star punch, then star punch (miss) and then punch his hooks when his arm is way out twice he will then do his taught again get a star punch (rinse and repeat) the problem is his uppercuts seem impossible to stop so once you run out of stamina and knocks you out just do the same strategy as before. I did this until I got to round 2 where I knocked him down from his bull charges twice
But that’s as far as I got let me know if there are any top tier speed runners who could help me out with this
And if there is any mother strategy’s for mr sandman and macho man that would be great
(I don’t plan on doing mike Tyson/ mr dream)

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Forum: Majora's Mask Category Extensions

Thread: Help making a majoras mask (blindfold) any% run guide

Started by: DangthatboyisfastDangthatboyisfast

I’m going to make guide of how to speed run majoras mask blindfolded and I’m gong need your guys help