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Thread: Full-game All-Secrets category

Started by: Frame_ArrayFrame_Array

I can add it, if you plan to run it.
It was on the board, when I first set it up, but because no runs of it existed and nobody showed any interest at all to run it, I removed it again later on.
There's not really a reason to have a category on the board, if it will stay empty anyways (imo).


Forum: The Ball

Thread: Steam leaderboards as a run source

Started by: Frame_ArrayFrame_Array

I've gone ahead and removed the run in question.

When I set up the leaderboards years ago I put the steam top runs in so that the leaderboard was not completely empty. Obviously they didn't have any video or screenshot proof and I couldn't find any IL runs with video elsewhere (except for wormior's all secret PEHUA run), so I just blindly trusted the realistic times, cause the majority of them seemed reasonable and some of them were hold by somewhat trustworthy runners (e.g. Stimich).

If anyone had submitted a run to the IL boards, I would most likely have them require some form of proof, but due to this game being quite niche, this situation never occured and I honestly haven't checked on this board and it's runs in a while.


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Thread: New site layout!

Started by: PacPac

gotta have to agree with the majority...

Alot of the charm and uniqueness got lost with this new overly simplified design. Every leaderboard just looks really bland now and taking away the customizability of them is simply just a step backwards. The banner as only real customization option besides the theme color looks pretty out of place to me and seems like it just got implemented to have atleast some kind of customization.

The green is also not a good choice as default color, especially the text on the frontpage has bad contrast with the dark mode background.

this ain't it chief

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Thread: need help with source unpack plz halp!

Started by: kyle3txezkgnibqjkyle3txezkgnibqj

you have to have steam open (and own portal there) while using source unpack

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Thread: Livesplit loading problem

Started by: ToCloseToCrazyToCloseToCrazy

make sure that your "compare against" in livesplit is set to game time and not real time

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Forum: Anachronox

Thread: Let’s Start

Started by: WheezyDaWeezerWheezyDaWeezer

You cannot skip cutscenes, however they patched in a speedup key in a later build, which is the one on GOG and Steam.

The speedup button is also usable during normal gameplay, so you can speedup overworld movement, battles, etc.

I've planed to route/run this game for a while now, but haven't really gotten the time and motivation yet.

(Also sorry for responding kind of late, I apparently didn't have notifications on for this game.)

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Thread: Confused about IL rules

Started by: TendersteelTendersteel

quicksaving and loading is not allowed.
just from the top of my head I would assume that you watched the 14 out of bounds IL.
What you're seeing is him just attempting several runs, he is not doing any saveloads in the actual IL attempts, it's just him resetting.

Edit: oh wait, I just reread "submitted today", yeah that run is actually not legit lol. shoutouts to Msushi for verifying it :^)

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Thread: Rules request

Started by: BiiWiXBiiWiX

I know the above post is 2 months old, but just for clarification:

you neither have to scroll very fast nor do you need a "hyper scroll mouse" to have good ABHing.
Infact, if you scroll too fast, like half of the inputs won't even get recognized by the game.
You really just need to time your scrolls well, which might take some time to get down properly.

If your mouse is actually incapable of scrolling for abh, you should consider upgrading it not just for portal :^)

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Thread: Recording demos

Started by: DeadpulseDeadpulse

Top 10 Runs require both demos and video proof.
Runs below that can be submitted with only demos as proof, so you should be fine.

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Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

can I get Moderator for the game Anachronox ( ) ?
The current Moderator has not been online in over a year and has apparently deleted all his social media (Including his run on the leaderboard and on youtube).

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Thread: Fizzle Portals Command

Started by: voidedifbrokenvoidedifbroken

From the Rules:

Allowed commands/bindings:
-Any bind that is accessible from the menu
-sv_player_funnel_into_portals binding (checkbox in the menu)
-toggle_duck binding (default controller bind)
-cl_showpos 1
-r_drawviewmodel 0
-binds for sensitivity
-save/load on one key binding
-save, fps_max [fps], load on one key binding
-custom named save binds
-demo plugin related binds

ent_fire commands in general are not allowed, because they allow you to spawn and do all kind of things.
Fizzling Portals is also not a default mechanic in the game.

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Thread: Why does the autosplitter work like this/ is it a problem?

Started by: GoolygongGoolygong

That is normal and it's just how the loading in this game works.
The game is technically already considered active again in that brief moment the timer seemingly resumes earlier.

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Thread: Questions about Vault Save in regards to Livesplit

Started by: ItsHunter1228ItsHunter1228

You do not need to start livesplit manually, it will start, stop and split automatically.

Regarding the timer resetting to 0, I guess make sure that you're comparing to Game Time and not Real Time. Also I don't know if that's an issue, but you don't need to set the starting time to 53.01. Livesplit will do that automatically too.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: remove my mod "washing maschine simulator 2001"

Started by: DaccioxDacciox

The game doesn't have any supermods because the original mods memed it up and added a trillion people as mod (including me). So I'm assuming site staff stepped in and cleaned it up.

I can also not remove myself as mod, because there is no mod section on the edit game page.
Is this a bug or did something get changed? Cause I'm pretty sure you were able to remove yourself as regular mod in the past.

Could someone remove my mod, as I have nothing to do with this meme game, but got keep as one of three mods left for some reason.


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Thread: Vault save problem :3

Started by: SanubirSanubir

Doesn't matter where you put it. The vault.dem file is just for you to include in your demo folder you want to submit.
you just copy it into the demo folder of your pb, before uploading it.

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Forum: Croc: Legend of the Gobbos

Thread: Using "Definitive" Edition for PC runs

Started by: PaulmallPaulmall

"When you turn around, he now jumps"
"the physics were changed, so croc now controls much smoother"

Doesn't sound like only rendering and sound where edited?

I was told, that it's just a misinformation in the video, and the physics are indeed untouched.


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Thread: Need help on e02 aag

Started by: ke3vke3v

If the panel opens you wanna try to shoot sligthly later after jumping through the ground portal to aag.
It doesn't have anything to do with where you shoot the portal after the aag, the only variable is your timing for the aag shot.

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Thread: VWW

Started by: StarwortStarwort

VWW stands for Vertical Wall Warp

Here is a video by Lamblord explaining it:

jump and saveload in a portal on an out of bound wall and you get warped upwards

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Forum: Blameless

Thread: Regarding Recent WR

Started by: KeenKeen

friendly reminder that this leaderboard is trash :^)

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Thread: HD Textures?

Started by: bigking06bigking06

you are allowed to edit textures, so I'm assuming using a texture pack is fine

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