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Forum: Death Stranding

Thread: Wind Farm BT Voidout for Easy Deliveries

Started by: RayOfSpeedRayOfSpeed

Granted, though I think the speedrun only has to visit the area once, so to deal with the voidout and the respawn only to remake the trek, is probably not viable speedwise.


Forum: Final Fantasy XV

Thread: Ch 3 into Ch 15

Started by: D_WindsD_Winds

As of now, there's no known way to trigger Confront Ardyn for the final battle.


Forum: No Man's Sky

Thread: Glitchless Categories Please?

Started by: RyokishineRyokishine

I can't speak for duping in runs in the current patch, but there are some heavy oversights in this game that are abused:

- Underground Items spawning above ground (Tech Modules)
- Direct warp to Anomaly, from setting it up off a separate save file (which adds an option otherwise not available from a New Game)
- Scooting (resetting forward momentum over and over; set-up specific)

The amount of current interest in the game does not warrant a separation of categories into glitched/non-glitched, especially for the ones mentioned above that are arguably not glitches.


Forum: Kingdom Hearts III

Thread: Can use PS4 recording?

Started by: MixxaldMixxald

Seems like there's been some problems with PS4 recording when it comes to sending over some network, ever since Oct/Nov when the PS5 was nearing release.

Stick with the PS4 local recording. Annoyingly you can only make recordings 1 hour max. So if you're going to upload it in segments, mention that when submitting. There might be some time penalty invoked (difference from stoping the first recording and starting the second one), so to avoid suspicion I would say pick a part of the game where there is some downtime (loadscreen or otherwise).

I am not a mod here so take this advice with a grain of salt.


Forum: Final Fantasy XIII

Thread: How to handle the issues with FPSFix

Started by: MrzwanzigMrzwanzig

Though I'm not a speedrunner of this game, I'll include my opinion on the matter.

Keep the FPSfix.

Perhaps I'm thinking too much in a floaty manner, but when I ask why we speedrun, it translates "to go fast". Why are we restricting ourselves to moments of lag, poor performance, and slow gameplay? Surely everyone wants the game to run completely stutter-free. Are we speedrunning more authentically when we stare at a load-screen for an extra 5 seconds, or when the animation lags to 45 fps for a brief 1.2s? If there is way to increase the funamental "runability" of the game, whether that involves improvements in rendering, animation, processing, loading, booting, or even button prompt comfort, I say go for it.

For the sake of grand equalizing, wouldn't the answer be to force everyone to revert to a Fixed 30 FPS, minimizing performance enhancements on everyone. I feel nobody would be satisfied with this conclusion, even if on paper it looks "fair".

Having said that, I am not privvy to the inner-workings of the speedroute in this game, and how dependant they are on the FPS at critical points in the game, so this opinion holds low value. To what extent can we call a game broken/unfair? I would hope the line there is black and white (as an arbitray example, using Cheat Engine to float through the air to get to the end of the path is blatant cheating), but I do not know if the disadvantage appears when some have their games at 55fps mid-battle while others drop down to 40fps. Claiming that the "person with the best/priciest PC gets to be the fastest" is not a community-friendly notion, and I will not advocate for that. Past instances of speedcommunity tension in my history have simply been resolved through the decision to "add more categories to the speedrun leaderboard". There seems to be this thought floating around here already. An addition may involve submitted runs to post their PC specs alongside their submission, since it seems AMD vs. Intel is a crucial factor.

Stay fast speedmen.


Forum: No Man's Sky

Thread: Questions about 100%

Started by: dranaeidranaei

I don't think 100% was meant to be taken seriously, as there's no proper definition. 18 quintillion planets and all that.

Closest thing would be all trophies/platinum%. You could go for Max Inventory, or Max Units, or Max what can be maxed, but you'd probably be missing something.

You'd want the Timer going at all times, so if it stop or your PC crashes, you're probably out of luck and would have to start again from the beginning. If it's one long recording then it shouldn't be a problem, as Timers are nice but not mandatory.

I don't know where you got this First Save idea from; the game's first save comes from when you hit a Save Point/Exit your ship first. If you want to use the reference time of your run as the length of your file you can do that, though it'd be a few minutes inaccurate.


Forum: Final Fantasy XV

Thread: Would this be Accepted?!

Started by: PB_SpeedrunsPB_Speedruns

Shouldn't be an issue. Not like "cheating" can be done in a cutscene.

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Forum: No Man's Sky

Thread: I feel like this board is treated as a meme.

Started by: PiccadillyBluePiccadillyBlue

I'm indifferent.

Keeping a variety of categories open mildy increases the chance of someone coming in to speedrun something in this game.

It's not a heavily populated community, but let's not eliminate its entrances.


Forum: Death Stranding

Thread: Updates and PC Version

Started by: maxylobesmaxylobes

Awesome. The loadtimes on PC are certainly god-tier. Doubt we can achieve Norman Peedus anymore. I assume up to after Ch2 would be rather similar. Then there's the mid game, that's going to need clever triking, some ziplining midlate game possibly. Don't think Very Hard is a huge difference in challenge, the more BT boss health would be mildly annoying.


Forum: Final Fantasy VII Remake

Thread: Ghoul Boss - OOB Found

Started by: KeyahKeyah

Always enjoy reading up on a new gltich. Great find!

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Forum: Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories

Thread: Add plat trophy category?

Started by: RedeemedRikuRedeemedRiku

I think the only requirement for a category to be approved is to have at least 2 runners willing to submit a time. So I hope you got an interested friend.

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Forum: No Man's Sky

Thread: Artemis Questline Permadeath

Started by: Old_Mad_GamerOld_Mad_Gamer

Not exactly 100% but okay.


Forum: No Man's Sky

Thread: No Man's Sky Beyond

Started by: LilZoeLilZoe

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A new category is in order, yes.

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Forum: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Thread: Proposed new category idea: Imperil/Magnet Modded category

Started by: TheOOTTheOOT

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We can instead bite our fingernails at the next major source of RNG.

What is that phone code!?


Forum: No Man's Sky

Thread: New Category Please

Started by: CathedrallCathedrall

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I'm all for it. Heck, I've been doing offline attempts for fun with this idea in mind, though I've never completed a run yet. I'll even post my general ideas I've gleamed:

- preferably start a run spawned on a planet with Albumen Pearls; hike around and get enough to sell for ~300k Units (25 or more)

- find a Minor Settlement, or other location that land ships, and buy it/exchange it (Class Cs should be in the 300k range), preferably with a Hyperdrive

- you need to eventually find a Monolith to also get you to a Portal, while also gaining at least 100 nanites to locate 1 Glyph (i think you need to go down the Artemis quest line a while before Travelers start spawning)

- it used to be the case that using the Portal using the only the first glyph you gained gets you about 5000LY from the centre, but I don't know if this has been changed

That's all I've worked out so far, Might be useful to end up buying a weapon with a Terrain Manipulator. Whether building a base first is mandatory or not I cannot say. Rest of the run is upgrading your hyperdrive to get closer to the center?


Forum: Kingdom Hearts III

Thread: General Leaderboard Discussion Thread

Started by: DrazerkDrazerk

I'll be waiting for 333% as a meme category.

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Forum: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Thread: decoy glitch problem

Started by: ArisCarrollArisCarroll

Good to hear. I know I use System Explorer, and make the LRFFXIII.exe as well as OBS.exe High Priority or Realtime to get those few extra frames. Certainly helps that the whole Steam library is on a SSD too.


Forum: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Thread: decoy glitch problem

Started by: ArisCarrollArisCarroll

The reason behind Decoy's glitch, as I understand it, has to do with the Moogle not catching the floor boundary during a high refresh rate. If you have a slower PC where you get stutters or nonsmooth gameplay, it's very likely it's causing Decoy to behave as normal.

If there are too many processes going on in the background, then it could lower the rate of gameplay and cause what you are seeing. It is incredibly unlikely that a stealth patch was released by Square. Out of curiosity, see if you're still getting the Gyshal Green Glitch on Dynamic.


Forum: Final Fantasy XIII

Thread: Would Easy Mode be a separate category?

Started by: D_WindsD_Winds

Don't know much about this game, but as I know it there are difficulty options to choose from.

Would changing the difficulty dramatically alter the run?