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Thread: First Person Camera

Started by: Grundle_Grundle_

Haha wow. So seems like none of this has any speedrun applications though? I want a way to get up on the ledges and skip hitting the stoplight to get on the truck, but haven't found it yet.

Some other glitches I've seen:

1) In the second key area in world 2, I was able to clip partially into the wall. I was hoping to skip having to go back in that area twice for the music note on the other side, but I wasn't able to go THROUGH the wall. Just stuck partially in it.

2) Once in the vertical jail section with elevators, one of those giant arms that reach out of a jail cell just started spazzing out. It grew exponentially, taking over the entirely screen, and then the game popped up an error message saying "error ___ (bunch of random characters)" but this error message was in the Blues Brothers 2000 font, so it looks like the game developers actually programed in an error message. I haven't been able to replicate this haha.

3) Also in that vertical jail section, if you spin on your head you SOMETIMES can clip through the bars without having to kill the guard at each gate. But I don't know why sometimes you can and sometimes you can't. If this was possible to be done at every gate, it would save a good amount of time in the speedrun, but since I can't make it happen when I want to, I just straight jump on the guards fast and take the extra 3 seconds each.


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Thread: General Tip/Skip thread

Started by: Grundle_Grundle_

I'm not sure I can picture what you're referring to with the end of the walkway. I'll probably be submitting my PB to BBG which submissions open this week! I did a bunch of testing and timing with things with my route. I wasn't able to find any successful skips for things that I targeted and hoped that I could unfortunately, like waiting for that entire barrel cycle in the river in world 4. This game is pretty crappy, but when turned into a speedrun I have a lot of fun with it.

Get a capture card my dude!! 🙂


Forum: Blues Brothers 2000

Thread: General Tip/Skip thread

Started by: Grundle_Grundle_

Finally another runner!! I was hoping to submit my run for BBG this year, and if we can push the time even lower from collaborating that would be awesome! What strats have you found that my PB doesn't have?

This game is so buggy I'm sure there HAS to be more glitches/skips that I haven't found! For as buggy as this game is, the "collect all music notes" requirement really prevents a lot of big skips.

Although, there were a bunch of strats that I previously did, and then found something better and replaced them so you may have also found my outdated stuff too 😛

And Yes! Pressing Z in the air stalls/extends your horizontal momentum. When you jump from high up, you move forward for a bit and then start this freefalling animation to where your vertical speed downwards increase a lot, but you don't move horizontal very much. Pressing Z right before that free fall starts seems to reset the "timer" of how long you can move forward in the air before free fall happens. So basically, it lets you jump A LOT further out haha. I use it several times in the run to make some jumps you normally can't make.

The very first room of the game when I jump from window 1 to window 2, the game intends you to go in 3 separate air vents. You can make that jump without pressing Z but it's much tougher, with pressing Z its basically free.

Also, if you check in World 3 in that cave (My PB splits call it "switch cave" cause it has the red/green/blue switches), I skip A LOT of the intended platforming by jumping a very precise angle from the top and pressing Z to be able to reach that one music note while falling. Game intends you to hit a switch, spawn platforms, and climb back up to it.


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Thread: Expert Mode WR?

Started by: DJBunyanDJBunyan

Does that Tour Mode expert run of 18 min (flawless, better than all the easier difficulties) run look fishy to anyone else? It might just be a TAS?

I haven't really analyzed in depth, I don't know the game THAT well, but just on face-value looks a little sketch.


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Thread: Version Differences?

Started by: RinEURinEU

I have no idea, i haven't looked much into this game I only played it a few times besides just casual play. My guess is probably not much difference besides menuing? Worth checking out! Because I have Super Pang (J) as well!


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Thread: Starting out

Started by: NeoCyanRenegadeNeoCyanRenegade

You're going straight for 100%? Courageous! I'm not the best with technical side, but I THINK you are starting your ryo throws a tad too early. Wait until you are a peak of the jump, then start throwing. Also, I know it's harder to time but if you get momentum going first (jump on fence while running) it helps. But don't worry, this trick is reset city for everyone haha. that's why it's first thing done in the run.


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Thread: Full Game

Started by: mrmutantduckmrmutantduck

It's been added 🙂


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Thread: Krazy Kup Category?

Started by: JakatoXtraJakatoXtra

(see other thread) I'm doing a New game until first credits, normal difficulty category. New game meaning having to do the B and A license tests only. So basically just starting brand new game and doing whatever is needed to see the first set of credits, in normal difficulty standard.(no bear tank!) I'm doing part of Goemonathon. I submitted to the all cups category, not sure if that's where it should fit.


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Thread: category suggestion

Started by: maffemaffe

So I will be doing a New game category for Goemonathon this April. It's a 2 day event, all goemon games! Even one's he makes a cameo in, some JP players are joining. Since the purpose of this event is GOEMON, I will be using Goemon and completing the game until the first credits: So Kup1, license B tests, Kup 2, Kup3, License A test, and Kup 4. The S license test will not be done in my run. I know that using Goemon only is slower, and excluding the S license maybe makes this category arbitrary, but I just want to check if this would count for the All Kups category. Also, you could add a sortable column for character, cause obviously my Goemon run will be slower than Beartank?

For previous posts, I was able to beat S-license, but not with Goemon. You are basically required to be Beartank to beat the S-License tests.



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Thread: 100%/Unlock All Characters category?

Started by: ElmotusElmotus

Sure! I'd add that category. It would be pretty tough I think you would need to play through the championship mode a few times to do it. And I also think some of the unlockable characters require you to lose a certain track too. But Definitely! I can add that as a category if you would be running it 🙂


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Thread: Glitch?

Started by: fluffytoycoyfluffytoycoy

Hahaha I'm not opposed to other categories. I mean more fuck's sake I'm the only one that's ever done a run of the game so the more the merrier haha. But I'm not sure what this is? I don't know if it's really a glitch ending or if it's just viewing the credits in the sound test option haha. What did you do?


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Thread: Cancelled

Started by: SluckySlucky

Will we try again to have an N64 Marathon? I can try to help if we try again

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Thread: Games List

Started by: SluckySlucky

So the South Park Rally Run is supposed to be a race with me and Crackerbean. There is only one category, Championship Mode. It shouldn't be two separate runs.


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Thread: Username Change Requests / Account Deletions

Started by: kirkqkirkq

Can I have my username changed to "DJBunyan" ? This way it will match my twitter, twitch, and youtube accounts 🙂