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Forum: Samurai Shodown II

Thread: Samurai Shodown II ! Leaderboard and Discussion.

Started by: DBcadeDBcade

Samurai Shodown 2, besides the most recent 2019 edition, I have a lot of bias towards this release in the series. The combat is well paced, every character feels strong and balanced, and overall brought a lot of great techniques to the game.

Update to Leaderboard:

-Removed all the level sets besides 1,4, 8. There were no runs recorded on those difficulties.
-Added rules, with same formatting as the other Samurai Shodown Leaderboards.
-Added Character Variables
-Updated runs with correct characters.
-Double checked all previous runs.

Same as the other leaderboards, anyone who wants to make an icon or banner, it will gladly be accepted.


Forum: Samurai Shodown III

Thread: Samurai Shodown III Leaderboard and Discussion

Started by: DBcadeDBcade

Samurai Shodown III is probably the most overlooked in the series, however luckily because of more ways to play this game recently seems to have a few players every now and then.

I'm less familiar with this game, but its almost identical in the Grade systems, so I added those as categories. In addition, SNK difficulty selections were added, Easiest- Level 1, Normal- Level 4, and Hardest- Level 8.

Rules and Character Variables were added as well.

If additional variables are wanted please message, I did not add the bust or slash mode. If a user wanted to make banners or icons it would be nice to have set up for this page. Any questions or discussion please post below or private message please!


Forum: Samurai Shodown IV

Thread: Samurai Shodown IV Amakusa's Revenge Leaderboards and Discussion.

Started by: DBcadeDBcade

(edited: )

A fantastic entry into the Samurai Shodown series, currently this game has been seeing increased play thanks to Fightcade 2 and the rerelease on the Samurai Spirits NEO GEO Collection.

I took this time to correctly add in all categories, and the standard for SNK difficulty sets, LEVEL1, LEVEL 4, and LEVEL 8, Difficulties. The reasoning is that old high scores and arcade standards match with these times. I have never seen an arcade set to level 6 for example its always one of the above.

I chose to add the Class/Grades because they drastically impact the way the game is played, however the AI remains only affected by difficulty switch.

All timing has been switched to In game time, but I hope runners still use a timer just in case. This is to double check the frames, and also in case a version or game had a fast timer. So far the timer seems to be fine. No speedruns were removed.

Added was a PS4/Switch/PC(Steam) options as well, but it should be noted the game is simply running arcade emulation. I also didn't make a variable for Slash or Bust, but if it was requested I will add. If there are any mistakes please alert me to them, I have only played Samurai Shodown IV at the arcade.

Added character variable, I did not include Cham Cham, because I believe the playstation version has some major differences.

Aside from formatting with the current rules that are used for other leaderboards, in accordance with fighting games, I think that should include everything to set this leaderboard up for past and future runs.

If anyone want's to make icons/and or banners for this game, I would be happy to add it. Any other discussions, feel free to post below or private message.

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Forum: The Masters Fighter

Thread: The Masters Fighter Leaderboard

Started by: DBcadeDBcade

(edited: )

This is the Masters Fighter Leaderboard main thread. I don't expect to many to wonder into this place but if you do and have question about which infinites work and how, or have general knowledge on this game, feel free to post below or message.

In the meantime, I updated the game with the more clear ruleset and better formatting , because even though its silly, it does have rules. Hope you enjoy The Masters Fighter!


Forum: Tokidensho Angel Eyes

Thread: Tokidensho Angel Eyes

Started by: DBcadeDBcade

This is a very underrated fighting game, it should be worth pointing out that although almost every character has a touch of death combo they can preform, it's not the easiest, and the fighting system here is very deep.

I hope more people try all the characters in this game, seeing as how any of them can clear in a good if not better time. Feel free to message here or on discord if your interested in talking about this game.


Forum: Toshinden (Wii)

Thread: Toshinden Leaderboard

Started by: DBcadeDBcade

This game uses the 'Toshinden' name but apparently is completely separate from the previous series.

At this time I have not played the game so I am not familiar with the rules or options. If a run is preformed please let one of the mods know so you can be added as a mod, and make sure to show the options before the each attempt.


Forum: Toshinden 4

Thread: Toshinden 4 Learderboard and Rules

Started by: DBcadeDBcade

Toshinden 4 aka Toshinden Subaru is the last game in the series. In a rare case, this leaderboard was made without any runs, so currently I am not aware of the games options. It's also the only game of the series I don't own do I am not sure when I will get around to a run myself.

I put a blank format and added the time attack mode but currently do not plan on doing a run. If someone attempts one make sure the options menu is included.


Forum: Vs.

Thread: Vs. Leaderboard

Started by: DBcadeDBcade

Updated the formatting for the rules and categories. If this game, for some reason, gets over runners then a level section would be added as that usually is the standard to justify level leaderboards.


Forum: Zatch Bell! Mamodo Battles

Thread: Zatch Bell Mamodo Battles Leaderboard and Updates

Started by: DBcadeDBcade

(edited: )

Mamodo Battles aka Konjiki no Gash Bell Yuujou Tag Battle 2 is nearly identical with the first game except with a balance in air recovery and faster meter building, and some moves being altered as well.

There was talk of others trying this run so I updated the formatting for all rules.

I also added the link to the zatch bell discord made by @Otterstone_GamerOtterstone_Gamer at:

Be sure to join if your interested in strategies or discussing future races.


Forum: Tetris The Grand Master

Thread: Arcadia speedruns found.

Started by: DBcadeDBcade

I have every single Gamest as well. However Its taking a while to sort through everything.

JHA is good but not all the records were moved over, and some were not recorded. These is also an older site that has different high scores and time attacks. All of them trying to continue the time attack/ high score legacy started in gamest.

I will post things that I don't understand. Sometimes information seems to be lacking from one to the other, so its up to the community to decide whats best. Some of these times impact communities and leaderboards I run as well, however it seemed tetris was the most clear and easy to understand so I thought it best to start here. By the way if there is a clearer way to type what I explain in the first post better, it would be helpful to have an edit of that since that post will be copied to other leaderboards on this site.

Thank you for the links to archived pages, this may save me some time, especially if its the later issues. Feel free to talk about it with me live on twitch or twitter anytime as well.


Forum: Tetris The Grand Master

Thread: Arcadia speedruns found.

Started by: DBcadeDBcade

Hello Tetris Grandmasters,

I recently have been working on a project to find some of the very older speedruns that were recorded in Japan.

Of them I knew Tetris was popular. I also discovered that a place that had recorded and verified was a magazine called Arcadia, and luckily I was able to obtain all issues. Because this is a time before videos and played in arcade. Submissions were done differently to the magazine but still if not more rigorous. Early issues of Arcadia have a number of these runs because the game was at the height of its play in 2000 so I wanted to submit them for historical purposes but I will explain submissions.

When a player got a run back in the day, this would have to be done at the arcade. Two staff would have to see the screen and verify, and the gamer would also have to go home and get his inkan, or signature stamp (we dont use signing of our names in japan) then the staff would also stamp with the stores inkan. These were then sent to arcadia who would record and verify with the user and the staff again. Cheating was not accepted because other players would call out if it happened and it could cause severe penalties for the store. A first place entry would entry would receive a free issue of the magazine but monetary rewards were not used. I think that should explain the process but writing this out helps anyway since this is not the only game with time attacks.

I can answer more questions if needed. ultimately its up to the tetris community to accept or not accept the runs, but I think it would be a shame not to preserve the work of others. Some may not have the information of modes, so I will post things I am unsure of here, the rest I will start submitting.

Fellow speedrunner and tetris admirer,

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Forum: World Fighting

Thread: World Fighting AKA Boxing vs Kick Boxing vs Karate vs Pro Wrestling vs Jujitsu vs ... Leaderboard!

Started by: DBcadeDBcade

Just passing by and updating the rules for this underrated simple series sports/fighting game.

PS2 Emulation still seems to have slight differences, but as of right now I have not split this board.

Updated the rules with the current language used on other leaderboards.

Comment below if you have suggestions or questions regarding the moderation and game.


Forum: Reikai Doushi Chinese Exorcist

Thread: Reikai Doushi - The little leaderboard for the little exocist that shouldn't.

Started by: DBcadeDBcade

Should you be reading this, I am worried for you.

This arcade game is scary, not just because your fighting kyonshi (chinese zombies) or the backgrounds and noises which can be disturbing, but because this game breaks rules of 2D fighting games.

You only play as one character.

All the enemies have multiple special moves.

You have no special moves. (That could be found)

Enemies have priority of attacks and can use repeatedly in a row randomly.

You must find a pattern / opening.

The enemy can leave the screen, going completely out of frame for as long as they like.

You have a limit of 2 continues. (4 lives each continue.)

If any decides to play this good luck and you have been warned.


Forum: Yu Yu Hakusho Dai-Ni-Dan: Ankoku Bujutsu Kai Hen

Thread: Yu Yu Hakusho Chapter 2 - Dark Martial Arts Meeting! Leaderboard

Started by: DBcadeDBcade

This game controls very similar to the first game, with the addition of special and super moves for characters. Bonus games also play factor in this version.

I made sure to add the categories and character variables since they have a huge impact on the AI's pattern, difficulty, and of course the ending of the game.

I also want to point out that almost all the characters in this game could be usable if a ring out strategy is found. After playing around with the versus mode, I can surprisingly this is a very fun fighter for the game boy.


Forum: Super Street Fighter II Turbo

Thread: Shouldn't 30th anniversary have it's own category?

Started by: D.OwlsD.Owls

(edited: )

This is also true for 3rd strike (slight speed difference.) I have mentioned this briefly on a discord before. It was tested a long time before this at launch as well. However, going from Arcade to PS2 or vice versa never felt like too much of adjustment.

It couldn't hurt to test again. Now that Street Fighter 2 Speedruns seem to be more active these past 2 years.

--> It might be nice to also have several individuals test ALL the stages, since it does have an impact. Speed runners other than myself seem to be very capable in finding this out.

I would be very curious to see the findings, even if the same, and what is decided for the leaderboard.


Forum: Vs.

Thread: Vs. Leaderboard

Started by: DBcadeDBcade

(edited: )

Welcome to Vs. a port/remake that has all characters designs and modes changed from Fighters' Impact.

I was informed by another user ( @1800POOPNOW1800POOPNOW ) that the Settings change do not affect the challenge mode so the Any% category has been removed.

If there are any findings for this game feel free to post them here!


Forum: Ninja Master's

Thread: Secret Ninja Masters Gather - Ninja Masters Leaderboard Thread

Started by: DBcadeDBcade


-Cleaned up the rules

-Added Character variables and attached to current runs.

-Added LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 8 categories.


Forum: Ninja Master's

Thread: Secret Ninja Masters Gather - Ninja Masters Leaderboard Thread

Started by: DBcadeDBcade

As of this week it seems I was given moderator to the Ninja Masters Leaderboard. It looks like some of you were waiting a years time for run approvals. I will work on that first then comment below with usual changes, the current Level 4 category and rules are correct.

If anyone finds anything useful for ANY of the characters, or has a request/question feel free to post it in this thread. This game has some very difficult combos, or at least it feels that way. Kasumi, and Unzen's infinites are just a few I had trouble with. I really feel knowing those combos would bring, not only the time down, but be useful in versus matches.

For those new to this game, its one of SNK/ADK's fastest paced fighting games with the most unique combo systems. Its very underrated and It takes a long time to well... Master, so don't be discouraged because any clear time of this Ninja Masters is admirable.


Forum: Dynasty Warriors 3

Thread: Interested in running, need rules clarification

Started by: AphrahAsheAphrahAshe

Looking forward to seeing your runs, level leaderboards are any% so you can use any settings, items, or character for a stage.

I dont think turning off cutscenes had an impact on the timer, but I turn it off anyway.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Request leaderboard moderation (Read the first post before posting!)

Started by: DaravaeDaravae

I was reading previous pages and realized I should post this now, rather than later, since it seems very busy on the site.

I would like to request to made the moderator for the Zatch Bell series. I was originally the one who made the request and it was accepted.

I meet the requirements having more than 3 runs in 3 different games and would like to add an image, some forum posts and links to discords, bounties, etc. There are also additional games, but I don’t plan on adding them until someone or myself can complete a speedrun of said games. It is not a big community but there are fans.

I would not have requested the role if I didn’t want it, since it was accepted as a series that again, I requested. It was a little frustrating last year not being put in the role, I hope to have the request accepted please.

The other series mod request was for the Hiryuu no ken series.

It’s of less priority, so I put it second. I also was not the original person who requested the series, that person is no longer on the site.

Same thing here, but theres less games to add in the future. However its nice to have a series mod and links.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, if you need additional information please message me.

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