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Thread: Kenya the Spearow route?

Started by: D4CD4C

While the linked video isn’t a speedrun, it may be possible that using Kenya the Spearow instead of Totodile would end up with a faster route. Since Kenya is a physical attacker, it gets much better use of its physical attacking normal and flying type and even gets mud slap for coverage against steel. Additionally, it’s much faster than Feraligatr and even gets boosted EXP. you can see in the video how STAB return was one-shotting nearly everything near the endgame.

And unlike Nidoran in Red, you don’t have to waste time in the grass looking for Spearow since you get this one right outside Goldenrod. The only downside is you can’t give it a single letter name to save time, but the better stats and speed might make it worth it


Forum: Pokémon

Thread: Level Leaderboards

Started by: D4CD4C

For some games there are level leaderboards which are essentially speedruns up until a certain point, such as in the Legend of Zelda Oracle games, there are speedruns for up until a certain point, be it having 2 essences, 3 essences, beating a certain boss, etc. This kind of system could work for Pokemon as well. You could run up until you have one badge, or 2, or 3, etc. I showcased this idea in Colosseum by going up until Pyrite Colosseum. Unfortunately the run died because of some bad luck with Quilava going into Hyper Mode and Espeon's stats weren't so great either. But hopefully my explanation should suffice.


Forum: Mario Kart Wii

Thread: Calculating in game time

Started by: D4CD4C

So coming off of Double Dash where the in game time is calculated for you, I was not expecting that to not be the case in this game. I thought once the 32 tracks (or 16) were finished in Vs Mode, they gave you the total in game time at the trophy screen. But since it wasn't I had to use an online calculator.

I used time calculator+ which allows you to add and subtract any times you had, so one could go back into their footage and add up the times for each track. Only one problem, time calculator doesn't consider milliseconds. Because of that I had to take my best guess when adding up the times. My calculated time ended up being roughly 30 seconds faster than the actual IGT. So I thought I'd ask how you guys do it? Especially if it can be calculated on the spot


Forum: Pokémon Gold/Silver

Thread: Recording with PC built in webcam

Started by: D4CD4C

At some point I plan to do a run on the 3DS virtual console rather than Gambette-emulator for more accurate inputs, and also so that I don't have to rely on emulators for every speedrun I do. However, even though I don't have a 3DS capture card, I can record the run with both audio and video using my PC's built in camera, I'll just have to rotate the video so that it's not upside down. However before I attempted this, I wanted to check with the mods to see if this would be accepted. I'm not going for a world record time, just submitting a run on the category extensions


Forum: Pokémon GSC Category Extensions

Thread: [Category Proposal] Unown Puzzle

Started by: D4CD4C

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This is a short early game run that can be done in under 20 minutes.

Imagine you're a pokemon trainer, and Professor Elm sent you on an errand which then leads to a gym challenge. But then you realize that Pokemon battles aren't for you and you decide to be a Pokemon researcher. Sure enough the mysterious Ruins of Alph are right there for you to research the weird hieroglyphic Pokemon Unown. Since most Pokemon speedruns are battle based, and they all exceed an hour with the current world records, this category would make for a good change of pace.

The goal of the run is to unlock the Unown at the Ruins of Alph without any glitches or manipulations, as they wouldn't be necessary for a run like this.

Name of the runner: D4C
Run Length: 15:53
Platform: GBP
Date: January 12, 2021

Now the run could go further. Perhaps instead of simply unlocking the first batch of Unown and encountering one, the goal is to fill out the entire unown mode in the Pokedex. This would require going to all four unown puzzle locations (which would require surf and strength) and then catching all 26 unown. This can be done in any game.


Forum: Mario Kart

Thread: Submitting in game time?

Started by: D4CD4C

Even if I were to get the speed running widgets for twitch streams, I don’t have the material needed to stream directly from the console so I won’t be able to stream Mario kart speed runs unless I download an emulator for them. Of course emulators can be kind of sketchy as there are some games like Pokémon where official record speedruns have to be done on console.

Of course Mario Kart games have in game time, in both time trails and the Grand Prix, but Mario kart is one of those games where the in game time is always less than the official time. Though I feel like it should be okay since I’m not really shooting for world records. But would they be acceptable for submission? Even if I apply a picture or even a video, if the in game time is submitted, would they be mistaken as world record attempts?


Forum: Introductions

Thread: Top of the morning speedsters

Started by: D4CD4C

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You can call me D4C. I never did a speed run video before but I’d often watch speed run videos, such as summoning salt’s history of speedruns series, and I’d often jokingly say I’m speed running if I need to complete a section in a game fast such as the BigGoron sword quest in ocarina of time.

I’m not going to shoot for any world records, just here to have fun and experience the thrill of going fast, maybe even invent a category myself. I’ll start with Mario Kart with and without shortcuts, and then branch off to platformers like Spongebob BFBB.

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