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Thread: blindfolded

Started by: Dod_SabaDod_Saba

Putting aside the fact that it would be hard to prove, it seems like an extremely boring run (both to play and watch) since you would just be taking a route that covers every square over and over (as mentioned above) which is super slow and inefficient and is 100% luck based.

So since this is not a game which has a set route every time, it's a no.


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Thread: Basic Speedrunning info.

Started by: viksi511viksi511

or you can make your browser fullscreen using F11 but that's as fullscreen as it gets


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Thread: Multiple runs in the same video?

Started by: CoolFullonCoolFullon

Yes that is allowed. You are even allowed to have multiple different runs in the same video, as long as you timestamp them and tell us where the specific run you are submitting is

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Thread: Picture of final time

Started by: xBlitzy1xBlitzy1

No, Videos are required for all runs

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Thread: auto clicker

Started by: fynnonymusfynnonymus

No auto clickers are not allowed, as they're considered external tools.


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Thread: QUESTION? How do I see my Time?

Started by: C4llM3Zky3C4llM3Zky3

You need to actually "finish" the board for the time to show. That means opening every square that doesn't contain a mine in it.


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Thread: Question

Started by: gio_exe1987gio_exe1987

You can open the game in an incognito tab, and gives you a fresh game.


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Thread: Platform Requests / Tagging games to be part of a series / Adjusting game type or game title

Started by: DangerlessDangerless

Could this board ( ) be added to the carmen Sandiego series ( ) along side the google series (not instead of the google series, to make it so the game is in both series simultaneously)?

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Thread: Looking for moderators for this leaderboard

Started by: CytrussCytruss

Only qualification is knowing how to retime runs

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Thread: Discord?

Started by: JoeJoe_TrumpetJoeJoe_Trumpet

yeah the link should be fine now


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Thread: Leaderboard changes

Started by: KochenKochen

p.s. We cannot possibly add every single display size that exists to the subcategories, so if you specific screen resolution isn't included, contact me or kochen, and we'll add it.

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Thread: Looking for moderators for this leaderboard

Started by: CytrussCytruss

Title is pretty self explanatory. Reply to this thread if you're interested, I'll be adding a couple people

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Thread: Recording Methods

Started by: MarioAtWorkMarioAtWork

No. Videos are required, since it is extremely easy to fake a time without them


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Thread: Do we have to use the teleporting mode?

Started by: Muff1nHe2dIsTakenMuff1nHe2dIsTaken

(edited: )

By random teleporting do you mean the snake teleporting or the apples?

If you mean the snake, that's the portal gamemode and you can choose to either use it or not, depending on the category.

If you are referring to the apples, that is just how the game works.


Forum: Google Snake Game Category Extensions

Thread: Scoring Mistake?

Started by: StrikerArrowStrikerArrow

Retimed your run again, should be better now


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Thread: Leaderboard Improvements

Started by: NickolishNickolish

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While this might be possible to achieve with some weird variable usage. It would take a lot of run moving, and would be hard to achieve, as daan said. We currently use "N/A" runs (so runs that have a time of 1 millisecond, and are done by no one) indicating that the category is impossible to complete.

Most of the Multi-apple categories (3/5 apple) do not have these, so this is one addition we need to make.


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Thread: Hi can I be mod

Started by: Squashh_1Squashh_1

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We are currently not looking for any new moderators.

If we ever do, we will be announcing it in the discord

(Thread locked)


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Thread: Leaderboard update thread

Started by: CytrussCytruss

(edited: )

The multi mode categories no longer exist, they are now subcategories under every other category individually.
This should hopefully make the leaderboard look cleaner

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