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Thread: Simpsons Hit & Run Discord

Started by: CythertimeCythertime

Here is where the latest news, strats and other information relating to Simpsons Hit & Run are. Come join if you'd like!

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Forum: The Simpsons: Hit & Run

Thread: Wager Races

Started by: dumbfgtdumbfgt

We have a separate Category Extensions leaderboard dedicated to individual missions / races times. Feel free to submit any videos pertaining to what you claim along with an external timer to that page.

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Forum: Sonic Mania (Pre-DLC)

Thread: Current Findings

Started by: Saro0fdemonsSaro0fdemons

Speaking of the "Catch the UFO" bonus, I just had the strangest thing happen to me (I have no video proof of it sadly as I just played Mania undocked) <--- around about this section I jumped for the coin sphere and I must have hit the out of bounds trigger at the same point as I hit the sphere because the camera changed to indicate me being OOB but there was no text and I was able to carry on for a couple of seconds (since the camera wasn't on my character I didn't last long) Its not useful in terms of speedrunning but I wonder what would happen if this glitch happened and you were able to catch the UFO...


Forum: The Simpsons: Hit & Run

Thread: General/useless Glitches Thread

Started by: snercksnerck

May as well put this up here because why not 😛

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