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Thread: What is your take on beta tester speedrunning games

Started by: CuttyflameCuttyflame

Lets say a beta tester would be speedrunning a game you want to speedrun before the release. How would you feel about it?

Would you want him to tell you his starts day 1 or would you prefer trying to find some by yourself?

Would you abandon the idea of speedrunning that game since someone already have 500 more hour of experience in the game then you do day one?

I'm curious to see how you would react.


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Thread: Best Video Game Soundtracks?

Started by: XenoChuChuXenoChuChu

obviously glorious morning from age of wars and shoutout to glorious morning 2


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Im looking for a WR

Started by: Seal2343Seal2343

the entire game has 227 user but yeah, i dunno if this would work


Forum: LOVE

Thread: TAS?

Started by: ScruffyButtonsScruffyButtons

we have majoneesi Kappa
you could use cheat engine and do a human tas i guess or use a program that let you create keyboard macro.
On the game discord, i know that someone did a tas of level 1 but i dunno how he did


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Thread: How do people get locations on the site that are not listed in the dropdown?

Started by: 0a0a

Valhalla, 29 user, Real place (Saint martin) 0 user

(also nice necro)


Forum: kuso

Thread: Autosplitter?

Started by: PaulisterPaulister

Its not really an auto splitter, it only show the time using the in game frame but is a little bit out of sync because of the orb that remove time.

I'm pretty sure you won't be able to split level with it if that's why you're asking for it but you should ask him just to be sure. You can find his twitch in his vod and his steam on the steam leaderboard if you want a way to contact him

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Forum: Pogostuck: Rage With Your Friends

Thread: Discord + claiming your run

Started by: CuttyflameCuttyflame

If anyone is interested in a discord server let me know, or if its already created, just link it here and i'll add it in the info section

Also, if i posted your run and you created an account afterward, just let me know and i'll link the run to your account. Same if you want to add a comment to your run or just change the video since i use twitch vod for the time the video wasnt uploaded yet

And if you want to post your older pb too to see the progression, you can do it too if you have the video, just don't forget to change the date


Forum: Pogostuck: Rage With Your Friends

Thread: Rules are fine?

Started by: CuttyflameCuttyflame

Are you guy good with the rules? i was thinking that if you didnt have a recording, you could record your ghost and it would be fine since the timer are now accurate. and just use your steam score if your run is over 10-15 min if you don't have it recorded,

If anyone has better suggestion or are against it just let me know


Forum: LOVE

Thread: Console runs

Started by: ScruffyButtonsScruffyButtons

are the console level any different than the pc level? I don't see the points if both have the same level layout.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: What if game = speedrun?

Started by: -w00dy--w00dy-

I did enjoy what i could see : This video contains content from WMG, who has it blocked in your country on copyright grounds.


Forum: Introductions

Thread: recording on xbox360

Started by: TRLBottasTRLBottas

If its a small run, the xbox can record your last 5 min of gameplay i believe, but if its a long run, you could stream it on twitch pretty easily and then download your vod and add a timer or whatever you want to do


Forum: LOVE

Thread: Extensive catagories

Started by: ScruffyButtonsScruffyButtons

alright i did it myself, if anyone else have any idea, feel free to submit them


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Thread: Any runners of indie games willing to do an interview for an article?

Started by: scoopsscoops

Thing can be north and south between indie games and AAA or they can be very similar. For example :

Games like Hollow Knight (indie) and Super Mario Odyssey (AAA) both had their glitched fixed,
while games like Dishonored (AAA) and Skylar and plux (indie) won't have their bug fixed
But if you compare dishonored to hollow knight, its south and north like i said.

The major difference should be finding glitch, cause technically, it should be harder to find glitch or bug in AAA
since they have more resources, but then again, tons of oob in crackdown 3 (AAA )and no glitch in
frostrunner (indie) and tons of oob for The Messenger (indie) while no glitch for Monster hunter (AAA)

So yeah north and south.


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Thread: Is there something special happening today?

Started by: CuttyflameCuttyflame

Each time i try to visit the site, its under a lots of pressure and i have to refresh 3-4 time before getting somewhere so i was wondering if there was some kind of special event for that to happen?


Forum: kuso

Thread: New category?

Started by: CuttyflameCuttyflame

I was wondering if we could add a love category and maybe a kuso+love one too?
I know the game isnt that active but it would be more fun for me at least to have the love category

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

Hi, the 2 moderator from the game "love" ( ) have been inactive for the past 3 month and 1 years.
I could contact one of the two mod but i feel like it would be pointless due to the way he handled the leaderboard.
The leaderboard doesn't need run verification so it doesn't have video requirement either. The run with no video have no screenshot either.
The mod that i can contact also do not have any proof of his run.

I'd like to be moderator of the game to remove these run with no proof and to add more category and IL

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Thread: How do I get an accepted game request

Started by: SewiferosSewiferos

n++ have categories with 400 level and people run them, so pretty sure people would do speedrun of game with 210 less level

@Komrade its probably a roblox map pack or something like that based on his youtube channel

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