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Thread: pls speedrun this mod

Started by: CsyeCok_The_SoldierCsyeCok_The_Soldier

please just speedrun this fucking mod


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Thread: New guy :)

Started by: algiseldoalgiseldo

Good find you did, welcome.

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Forum: Introductions

Thread: "New" comer here.

Started by: DEHU92DEHU92

Repetition is Rewarding


Forum: Hotline Miami

Thread: Hotline Miami mods

Started by: CsyeCok_The_SoldierCsyeCok_The_Soldier

Why people don't speedrun mods anymore?
There are a lotta good mods (Ex. Make Me Real:
Open Your Eyes)
Doing that would make these mods popular.


Forum: Introductions

Thread: Zdrastvooyte

Started by: CsyeCok_The_SoldierCsyeCok_The_Soldier

My nickname is CsyeCok The Soldier!
I love playing Hotline Miami 2, especially it's level editor levels
but when I found out the number of community members and
lack of speedrunning workshop campaigns and stuff,
I decided to create a speedrun account
I will make Hotline Miami great again!

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