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Forum: Epic Battle Fantasy: Bullet Heaven 2

Thread: Too many categories?

Started by: jongyon7192pjongyon7192p

I have removed the "invincibility" and "100% no heavenly requirements" categories, since nobody cares enough to run it. In case someone gains interest in it later, I am showing the rules that had been defined for it below.

I have also removed the "No Cheats" variable from the NG+ category. The whole point of a NG+ is to play with all your options available from the get-go, and disallowing cheats seems contrary to that idea.

As for base game vs expansion, runs from those categories seem significantly different to me, so I'm inclined to leave that alone.

I also added a background image from a screenshot of the game. I'm not sure about this one; let me know if I should remove it.

From a new file, complete the game with all medals that do not require Heavenly difficulty. The full list of skipped medals is lower down in these rules. Due to the arbitrary nature of this category, 3 other grindy medals are also skipped.
Timing starts on first interaction (slime kill or hitting Play) and ends on obtaining the final medal. For ease of verifying, please show the medals screen at the end of the run- you should have 55 for the Expansion, and 51 for the base game.

"No Cheats" is not an option for this category due to 1 medal requiring cheats. Many medals require no cheats to be on as well, so this implicitly is always a "Cheats" run.

List of skipped medals:
Burst Eyeballs
Heavenly Hero
Heavenly Hero Deluxe (Exp.)
"Perfect wave 13" per world
Raining Coins
Cheat Codes
Hold the Fort (Exp.)
Score Big (Exp.)
10M Points
Ultra Star
Ultra Star Deluxe (Exp.)


Forum: Final Fantasy Legend III

Thread: Rules

Started by: prolotoproloto

My thoughts as well. The runs currently listed as #1 and #2 are impressive runs, but they are clearly for the any% category, not for glitchless.


Forum: Project M

Thread: Someone else's run was atteibuted to me

Started by: CrowCrow

Here's a heads up that some moderator of this board falsely attributed someone else's target practice to me. I have never played this game. Please ensure you have confirmed both that the person whose name you're using is the account that actually performed the run and also that that person approves of your posting his/her run before submitting someone else's run.


Forum: Outpost 2: Divided Destiny

Thread: Colony games

Started by: CrowCrow

I have created the Outpost 2 game page. For now, it supports the Eden and Plymouth campaigns; please indicate the difficulty level of your run as you submit it.

Playing individual Colony Game levels would also make sense for this leaderboard, but I'll need to know which levels players are actually interested in playing; there are quite a few. Poke me until I respond if you want one of them added to the board.


Forum: Project M

Thread: wait what

Started by: FaulheitFaulheit

I was tagged as having some records for this game. However, it is some other Crow, not me.


Forum: MIssionForce: CyberStorm

Thread: Hey

Started by: DarindriseDarindrise

I found it on my computer, because I preserved a bunch of Cyberstorm stuff as I went from computer to computer, including the "version 1.2" hard mode hack.

More practically, you can find it at:

Unless you have a native Windows 95/98/XP environment you can work with, you'll likely also need this:

I was playing on r3 of the patch found on that page; it has since gone to r4, and I have no idea what is different.


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Thread: Double KO on julius 3

Started by: Umaro137Umaro137

Try Killing J3 with a Nuke from across the screen, then walk around as he explodes. When the game stops you in your tracks, that's when the fight has ended.


Forum: Final Fantasy Adventure

Thread: Double KO on julius 3

Started by: Umaro137Umaro137

The goal is to beat the game, and dying to Julius's explosion does not do that.

In particular, note that we stop the timer not when the explosion begins, but instead when it reaches its second phase. At that point, the event system has taken over and the combat system is turned off for good.


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Thread: Any% and Medals

Started by: Crafterdark1Crafterdark1

You can use the medal rooms, but you have to earn enough medals during your run to access them. The game has a button for clearing all your medal data; just hit that before you start your run.


Forum: Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Thread: Any% and Medals

Started by: Crafterdark1Crafterdark1

That is correct. I actually did not verify those runs myself; I was away for a while at the time the run came in, and the run submitter was awarded moderator status to compensate for my absence. I'll take a look at the run and try to contact dylaneka about the issue.


Forum: Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Thread: Seperate categories for Steam and web version?

Started by: 5975

One thing I could do is make it so that when you submit a run for this game, you'll specify whether you played it on the "web" or "pc" platform, with "pc" meaning the Steam version. I can then tell the leaderboard to make the different platforms not obsolete each other. Does that sound like a good solution?


Forum: Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Thread: New Ruleset?

Started by: SkarfSkarf

Oh, apparently I'm a moderator for this game. Interesting.

As for just giving players a free pass on 2 of the medals because they're too tedious, I can't see any good justification for doing that. If you (understandably) don't want to do what it takes to meet all the game's achievements in a speed run, that's basically you saying you'd rather play a different category (might I suggest Any%?).

A much bigger problem, though, is that on the Steam version (which seems like the most "official" version to choose), it seems to be quite difficult to wipe your medal progress. Without the game keeping track of which medals you have and haven't obtained in the CURRENT run, I'm not sure that a legit 100% run is plausible.


Forum: Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Thread: Subcategories for all difficulties?

Started by: 5975

The reason I picked only Easy and Epic is because the game has a small enough community that including too many categories would likely make each one meaningless - if I included 4 categories, it would be more likely that one person would do one run of each of the many categories to get on the list, rather than really grind out one category to perfection.

If you give me a good reason to think that either Normal or Hard would be meaningfully different from the existing categories and that people would want to run them, then I'll gladly add them in.

As for Crafterdark's time, I think that MY run actually ended the timer late, rather than that he ended his early.


Forum: Final Fantasy Adventure

Thread: Updated console list

Started by: CrowCrow


I have updated the list of consoles for this game to include all the major ways to play it - Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Player, Super Game Boy, and Super Game Boy 2 should now all be listed when you submit a run.

For example, I have updated my run to list that it was played on the Super Game Boy. Feel free to do the same with your own runs to more accurately indicate the way that it was recorded.

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Forum: Final Fantasy Adventure

Thread: Changing Boxart to be more in line with the series


I personally think the box art is better, with its green background and everything. The white background is less legible looks less in line with this site's game logos for the rest of the series.

I'm not opposed to swapping out the box art for something else, but that particular one doesn't look like an improvement to me.