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Thread: GBA and step manip

Started by: BoxmeisterBoxmeister

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I mean if you can dupe items, you can pretty much reprise the snes route, all that would change would be having to kill neo exdeath with some giltosses....

Now quicksaving to manipulate rng is something to look into....


Forum: Chrono Trigger

Thread: easiest category to learn for a newbie

Started by: kaiten619kaiten619

learning magus will let you choose between 100%, (easier but longer) and No LSS, (harder but shorter) without any trouble, cause they're 99% the same.


Forum: Final Fantasy

Thread: What emulators are allowed for PSP?

Started by: [Deleted user]

PPSSPP, I'm not aware of any others that work at all...


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Thread: 4:20:00.00 Split

Started by: GreenMixTapeGreenMixTape

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Definitely beats my 2:59:59.99 😎


Forum: Ys I Chronicles/Complete/Eternal

Thread: Should we only allow certain versions of the game?

Started by: CronokirbyCronokirby

The only problem I currently have is that the most accessible version of the game is obsoleted (albeit only slightly) by 2 versions, 1 of them being almost unplayable on modern PCs, and the other being quite difficult to get a hold of.


Forum: ESA 2016

Thread: The Current State of the European Union

Started by: ShrimpShrimp

European doesn't mean "part of the European Union".

P.S. Shoutouts to Switzerland, Norway, and the UK maybe.

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Forum: Xenogears

Thread: Xenogears topic

Started by: OnychuOnychu


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Thread: Could we change the category name of NGJ?

Started by: CronokirbyCronokirby

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Having thought about it, "NGJ", while providing a good technical explanation of what glitches aren't allowed in the run, doesn't provide any good explanation for anyone who happens upon the name itself. I mean, if I tell you that the category is called "No glitched jobs", unless you're familiar with FF3, you have no idea what the run is like from the name.

I think that "any% (warpless)" (or something along those lines) is a much better name, because it immediately conveys the contents of the run. If you tell a person the name of the category, they immediately get an idea of what the run is like.

Of course, I'd like to hear what other people think about this, but I really think that this will make explaining the category easier.

(with the FF relay coming up, if we don't change the names, I won't be able to count the number of times people will ask what glitched jobs change / do, when all that's really important to know is that the category doesn't involve warps)


Forum: The Site

Thread: Custom trophies not displaying?

Started by: CronokirbyCronokirby

Thanks a lot 😉


Forum: The Site

Thread: Custom trophies not displaying?

Started by: CronokirbyCronokirby
As you can see here, the custom trophies seem to look just fine in the "edit theme" page. However, when it comes to the boards themselves, they don't load 😛 I was wondering if perhaps there's something I was doing wrong with the image formatting or something (the trophies are all 16x15 and in .png format). On the FF1 board, the custom trophies we had have stopped displaying as well, even though they were fine before.

Any help with this would be appreciated 😉


Forum: Star Ocean

Thread: Looking At Speedrunning This... Rules?

Started by: ZeshioZeshio

Snes emulation is near perfection though. "Potential issues" don't exist as long as accurate emus (anything using a bsnes core, since that emulates the chips correctly), or slower emus (snes9x) are used. The only "potential issue" I could see, would be a flashcart mishandling the compressed rom.

At this point we have a "clean slate" to work with rules wise, so the question is how we time, and whether or not we allow turbo. I say why not allow turbo, it doesn't really hurt anything 😛 It'd speed up text, and fights a bit.
As far as timing goes, I see no reason not to go with a more "western" approach. (new game -> exp closing on final boss , for example).

I did learn this game a while back, but you know, succubus 😛


Forum: Ys I Chronicles/Complete/Eternal

Thread: Should we only allow certain versions of the game?

Started by: CronokirbyCronokirby

At this point in time, we're allowing all PC versions of YS1 on these boards. I have a few problems with this.

à priori, the 2001 release is the fastest version, with justified timesaves, as well as a good 30s that remain unexplained. Now, these are PC games, so you'd think they'd be easy to acquire and run, so it shouldn't really be that much of a hassle to ask someone to switch to the fastest version. However, the complete version is simply unplayable on any version of windows past XP, my machine screams and spits out a garbled mess of cyan and magenta as soon as I run the game. So at this point, to run the fastest version of the game, I'd have to either use a virtual machine, or have a second, much older pc that I'd capture. Both of those options seem quite odd, when there's a perfectly acceptable, and incredibly easy to acquire version of the game available on steam. It just seems odd to me that we'd allow 1 time on the leaderboards stick out like a sore thumb, when most people that will come to the game won't have access to the version that was used, and will have to settle for a slower (albeit not by much, but it's a lot once you get up there) version.

And it's not like this is some ploy to bump my time up, or to try and disqualify the WR, since korzic still has the fastest C+ time, and we'd simply have that time on top.

This is something that's bothered me a bit for a while, and I've had to rewrite this post a few times to not come off as a dick, but I had to spark the discussion at some point. If we can come to a consensus on no longer allowing submissions on "archaic" versions (which to be fair is extremely unlikely, seeing as no one will learn the game on the complete version), I think the leaderboards would be fairer, and better of as whole.

I'd like to close this off by saying I'm still open to discussion on this matter, and that this is more the beginning of a discussion I'd like to have, rather than some ultimatum, or decisive rant I'd like to impose.


Forum: Ys I Chronicles/Complete/Eternal

Thread: When should timing stop?

Started by: KorzicKorzic

I've always done new game-> last input, which is the final textbox closing. (unless you count the last impactful input as more important) The final textbox closing has the advantage of actually being noticeable when retiming a run to the frame, which is an often overlooked aspect of what makes a timing good.
There's no real impactful gameplay after the final textbox. And as for the button press to read the book, there's still impactful gameplay afterwards IMO. Even though it amounts to just holding a button, if someone forgot to hold cancel at any other point in the run, they would've lost time, so it makes little sense to me to end timing before these last few textboxes, where someone could lose time, be it quite unlikely.

In the end this all comes down to a matter of consensus.


Forum: The Site

Thread: Name bug

Started by: miklmikl

I can't edit any runs on any of the games I moderate 😕 I can however edit the game's themselves.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Valid Emulators

Started by: ThinkingWithPotatoesThinkingWithPotatoes

just use bizhawk in general.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: What exactly does a 100% speedrun mean for JRPGs?

Started by: ResoReso

Common examples:
FF6: all extra characters; all espers
Chrono Trigger: all sidequests
FF5: all bosses
FF4: all bosses

These generally tend to be optional story type objectives, that aren't an extreme hassle to do, and end up simply adding extra gameplay. 100% categories that include grinding to max level, getting rare drops, or other tedious things don't catch on too well usually.

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Forum: Final Fantasy III

Thread: Leaderboard ~DISCUSSION~

Started by: GaëlGaël

As for turbo directions:
yeah, that's exactly how I do it, and honestly, this is something I'm still conflicted about. On one hand, this has pushed, and can push ff3 to a much higher level of optimization, on the other, this sort of makes it impossible to run without turbo. One thing to know about assigning turbo to directions, is that because of how lag and turbo works, you'll always hit the first frame entering an area for the box, but then your movement afterwards is delayed by one frame every tile if you hold the turbo direction.

IDK how you guys feel about this, but this is what can make FF3 runs more optimized, especially in glitchless, for grinds, drops etc. In theory, turbo could be used to make glitchless no ec skip 100% manipulated, which would be amazing to see in practice.

The way Nacho manipulates stuff, is by trying to hit a small frame window (iirc 4-8) in which he's routed out the possibilities for all rngs in the window. Adding turbo would allow you to make this manip faster and more consistent, thus helping the run to be more optimized. The principle behind manipping rng in the first place stays the same, but the method used allows rng manip to be more useful throughout the run in other categories.

Notably, in the glitchless route currently in the works, there are concrete plans to integrate these type of manips, be it executed through a window, or through turbo directions.

This does however make turbo an obligation for every category where this would be useful. At this point, we may need to reevaluate how we separate categories based on turbo, and maybe even do a hard separation.


Forum: Final Fantasy III

Thread: Leaderboard ~DISCUSSION~

Started by: GaëlGaël

It shouldn't be up to the leaderboard moderators to decide what runners should run. If people want to do runs with prior manip, that's their decision, not ours.

And as for miscellaneous or not, it comes down to whether or not we think that a category has received enough interest for it to be in the front. I'd be for moving any% J ruleset into misc. The only difference is in timing, which in turn makes you do a slightly slower credits warp to skip part of the credits. The other major difference would be turbo, but besides me, everyone was somewhat resolute to not use turbo.
And as for NCW and NGJ, they're the categories into which the most work has been put, excluding any%. It'd be a shame to relegate these into a miscellaneous tier, whilst keeping times with no vods (glitchless, for most runs, and especially wr) in the front.
For every single major category, turbo should be noted down, but shouldn't make a difference in category. The way turbo is used affects approaches to rng manipulation in dungeons, which is very important in any longer category. In fact, "glitchless, w. no es" actually doesn't permit rng manip on the nico boards, and I think we should go ahead and make that either an enforced rule for that category, or, preferably, a noted variable.

For the time being, DS any% is fine until someone actually does a glitchless run on another platform, and then, psp and pc would need to be separated, since psp has auto battle to speed up fights, whilst pc, to my knowledge, doesn't.

And as for patch mergers: I'm fine with this. Japanese text is somewhat faster, but it would also involve a reroute of every single rng manip, since the lookup table is different between the 2 versions. This is a better way of handling the situation then having patch be miscellaneous until a J run comes along.

As for names, Any%; Any% No Credits Warp; Any% No Glitched Jobs; Any% Glitchless; Any% Glitchless No EC skips, (no rng manipulation)
misc: Any% Japanese Rules


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Underrated Speedgames Thread

Started by: OddsomeOddyOddsomeOddy

No one speedruns super metroid. Such a shame