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Thread: Categories

Started by: SG_YusukeSG_Yusuke

Splitting the board up even further would result in some fairly sad small boards, but yeah your runs are more than welcome on the board atm, you get to choose what you do and do not do in your runs.

If the playerbase grows at any point for both skills and no skills then a splti would be in order.

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Thread: Different catagories for different consoles?

Started by: SkullyMemesSkullyMemes

Since it's the exact same route on a different console, I'm gonna say no for Any%, not gonna make 4 leaderboards for 1 category, it's messy as fuck. For there to be different categories there needs to be a difference in the actual gameplay. That said if you wanna see what the best Switch time or the best PS4 time is, etc. the site has a filter function to only show runs of that platform. Similar effect, less messy. (As for the optimizations argument, those get found in Individual Level runs anyway, which are already equal for all platforms)

That said I've been discussing the following categories with other runners:
- Shadow DLC (All 3 shadow stages from either a new or completed game)
- NG+ All Stages (All story, extra and secret stages on a completed save)
These are way more friendly towards 'in-game time' as a timing method, allowing all consoles to be even. Once people actually get proper videos up for said categories I'm more than happy to add them to the leaderboards.


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Thread: I still shadow allowed for time attack runs?

Started by: SkullyMemesSkullyMemes

There's no difference, so feel free to use the Shadow skin


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Thread: A Possibly New Speedrunning Category?

Started by: BroeyBroey

I would say everything in the game yeah, but honestly everything's up for debate and it all depends what people find enjoyable to run. Noone's done anything like it so far.


Forum: Sonic Forces

Thread: A Possibly New Speedrunning Category?

Started by: BroeyBroey

One could argue 100% means absolutely everything, including missions and whatnot (unlock ALL the avatar shit lol)
All Red Rings would seem more fun in that case, but it all depends on what people wanna do.

As for leaderboards, as with every category that has been suggested, we're gonna need active runners that seriously care about the categories before ima add leaderboards and so far none of the other requests have gotten to that point.

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Thread: Possible new categories?

Started by: RazorXRazorX

Could certainly be interesting. I've seen some mission ILs and some of them have quite interesting strats.

I don't want to add leaderboards that are gonna be (near) empty though so I'd like to see runs and interest from others first 🙂


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Thread: Can we get a Super Sonic Any% run started?

Started by: ImJustUrAvgGamerImJustUrAvgGamer

I'll keep an eye out to see if there's more interest (as in people actually doing runs). If it happens then yeah boards are in order.
For NG+ categories I'm personally thinking in-game time so that loading times cease to be a factor and all consoles are equal. Just adding up the final times of each stage (+ restarts if someone does them)


Forum: Sonic Forces

Thread: Can we get a Super Sonic Any% run started?

Started by: ImJustUrAvgGamerImJustUrAvgGamer

As far as I'm aware you can't play as super sonic untill you beat a stage so the DLC is irrelevant to Any%. If this is not the case let me know.

Of course a NG+ kind of category would work (as in play from a completed file), but as per usual you guys gotta start requesting these things more thoroughly. Is there more than 1 runner? Is someone actively running atm? What timing method and ruleset do you suggest? Give more things to start the discussion than "Can you make this a leaderboard please"

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Thread: Rental Avatar Soft lock

Started by: AstorecAstorec

Yep this has happened to Sayuri, thebluemania and me before (two runs in a row for me too lol) it sucks and there's no sign of a patch atm so it just kinda really sucks atm


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Thread: Can we have an episode shadow category

Started by: Tyler5477Tyler5477

Then run it, you don't need a leaderboard to do some joke runs

I'm more than willing to add leaderboards when people run it as a serious category of course, but runs come first.


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Thread: Can you use super sonic in any%?

Started by: 4EveryoneHD4EveryoneHD

As far as I'm aware you can't use Super Sonic in a stage untill after you've played it once, so it'd be irrelevant


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Thread: Looking to run, best catergory to run for PS4

Started by: NiceGuyDommNiceGuyDomm

since the game breaking KT glitch is patched on PS4, the best category to run is NG Any%
for NG+ Any% you really want PS3

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Thread: Loading Times

Started by: Rmac524Rmac524

Not sure exactly, but I'd estimate it loses at least 10+ minutes to PC
PS4 loses a few minutes to PC and Xbox One is probably around the same ballpark as PS4


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Thread: Discord

Started by: MarioRunner21MarioRunner21

We already have the Sonic Forces channel in the overall Sonic Speedrunning Discord. I recommend joining that instead, that's where people have been since before launch:


Forum: Sonic Colors

Thread: Are there any single level speedruns?

Started by: Cannoncool234Cannoncool234

It's the same community, The Sonic Center was just the site the commmunity used before became a thing and there's no point in transferring everything over, unless a lot more people want it for whatever reason. Untill then, just use The Sonic Center.


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Thread: Why are most of the runs on Hard mode?

Started by: Zyad48Zyad48

Yeah speed-wise there's no difference, but on Normal the score screen also won't show your time since it doesn't get recorded. I like to be able to see what in-game time I got on a stage, thus hard mode

Also I don't wanna lie to the game and claim I've never played a Sonic game before :^)

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Thread: Time Attack Question.

Started by: Tyler_Ry74Tyler_Ry74

No that's why the option is there. Everyone runs on Hard though cause Normal runs don't get recorded on the in-game leaderboard

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Thread: All classic stages

Started by: RasburrRasburr

Yeah much like the Sonic Unleashed counterparts of All Day and All Night Stages, you can do them in whatever order you see fit as long as you do them all 🙂

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Thread: About the Starlight Carnival skip

Started by: [Deleted user]

A lot of it is definitely experience, but depending on what you're having trouble with here's some small tips:

- Trouble getting on the first path without hitting the auto-run trigger?
Try to find a visual cue in Sonic's animation after the homing attack to start boosting, I usually boost towards the end of the animation. How long you have to boost for depends on how early/late you start boosting, the later you start boosting the more you'll need to get to the path (too late results in a death of course)

- Trouble avoiding the final trigger that sends you into the ship?
I usually stop boosting and hold backwards on the controller a bit before doing the big jump off the path. Not so much that you lose all your speed, but enough to make sure my momentum doesn't send me right into the trigger.

- Trouble landing on the final path?
Make sure you're getting all the height out of your jump before double jumping and go all out with boosting. I use the vertical trail of rings in the distance as a visual cue.

- Don't fully understand the mechanics of it?

That's all I got tbh, it's one of those skips you have to get a good feel for and that's been a decently big reset point for a lot of runners. Only worth resetting over if you die though, optimal ship only takes like 20s.

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