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Thread: Quick pointer for submitting PC runs

Started by: CreativeElyCreativeEly

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As usual be sure to read the rules before submitting a run, you can do this by hitting view rules on each of the categories on the leaderboard~

There have been runs that were rejected mainly because they fall in the wrong category so wanted to clarify a couple things.

-30 FPS runs using FPSFIX or Hardcap cannot be submitted on free FPS and belong in the 30FPS category.

-Free FPS category is strictly for runs that do not use any programs to change the framerate, including lowering. (Using programs to boost framerate in general is not allowed). Essentially you are just running the PC version naturally as is.

For example, if you submit your 30FPS PB to both 30FPS and Free FPS, it will get approved on the 30FPS (as long as you follow rules and guidelines), but get denied in the Free FPS category.

There are also some guidelines for setting up 30FPS in the guides section.
Thanks for reading, have fun runners!!


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Thread: Help with FPSFix

Started by: d13seld13sel

Hm it should not be deleting itself, do you have anti-viruses up? Also try having the launcher up, run fpsfix exe, then hit play


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Thread: Can we get PSCLASSIC section

Started by: stesstes

Yeah it would probably fall under PSX Digital (emulator)


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Thread: Steam Version Saves

Started by: Warr90Warr90

Hey Warr, sorry I couldn't get to this sooner, for PC in order to add outside saves and keep them there permanently, you need to have the launcher up already up while placing the saves. Then you hit play once they are placed and just save again to keep them permanent.

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Thread: PS4 vs PC any%

Started by: [Deleted user]

Hey ghostScit, if you are referring to the 3 hour yuffie warp run done on PC, it does not exist on the ps4. Route will not work on PS4. For PS4 there is any% (with cheats), then regular slots or no slots runs.


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Thread: No Slots PC 30 FPS lock

Started by: SpectralChimaeraSpectralChimaera

Yeah spectral, that's the plan, people were interested in it, and it would make a lot of sense to do it. Meesbaker was going to get a time and/or if someone get's a time I'll post and make it. Would be OpenFPS and 30FPS for PC no slots


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Thread: Hello!

Started by: catastrophic4catastrophic4