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For COTM v1.1.2
Trainer version: 1.1
Just a 4.3MB executable. Scan:
It's clean, but it's a cheat tool made in Cheat Engine, so it's bound to set off false positives.

This probably needs to be run as admin if it isn't by default.
Not sure if Cheat Engine is required to run the executable. Let me know when you try.
Just in-case:
CE Latest(6.8.2):
CE official site:
Careful about this step during installation:
CE is a very handy and lightweight program, there's no harm in getting it if you haven't already.

This is my first trainer. It's been a very long(~40h) and interesting process, to say the least.

Trainer in action:
GIF of just the checkpoint feature:

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COTM now uses RTA rather than IGT, and I have not edited the autosplitter for this yet. Not sure when/if I will.

This is now available through LiveSplit without downloading it yourself. See "New Setup"

•There is a game bug where time spent in Stage 9 gets doubled on the save file, but does not affect the auto splitter. Proof video - This also displays why the final split is good where it is.


Auto Splitter

Download (No longer necessary):!dVhDHBZL!mpaGvJvk9kwDjtjj6FtJBkMIRyjjrKgiHePQKw8pUG0


Supported Versions(PC Only):
1.1.0(Unleashed crack)

Last Updated: June 3, 2018


New Setup

Run LiveSplit as administrator, or else this won't have permission to access COTM's memory or Global Hotkeys wouldn't work. This can be done by default through Properties -> Compatibility.
In LiveSplit, Edit Splits... -> Enter Game Name -> Click the 'Activate' button that shows up below Attempts -> Make 8 splits(required) -> Fill in other info if you want -> OK
Right-click your splits -> Compare Against -> Game Time -> Remember to save your splits
If you did the old manual setup, it may be a good idea to remove "Scriptable Auto Splitter" from your Layout Editor to avoid conflicts and stay up-to-date.


Old Setup

Run LiveSplit as administrator, or else this won't have permission to access COTM's memory. This can be done by default through Properties -> Compatibility.
In LiveSplit, Edit Layout: Add -> Control -> Scriptable Auto Splitter
In LiveSplit Layout Settings: Scriptable AutoSplitter -> Browse for this .asl file.
In LiveSplit Layout Settings: Timer(tab) -> Timing Method: Game Time -> Splits(tab) -> Both 'Column' Sections -> Timing Method: Game Time
OK -> Now make sure to right-click your splits -> Compare Against -> Game Time
Remember to save your Layout/Splits!
• You're required to have 8 Splits (one for each stage) and you can name them anything you want.



• If the autosplitter script is ever updated, you'll only need to restart LiveSplit to get that update.
• Should support any mode equally, except Boss Rush[RTA, unsupported].
• You should be able to split manually if you want, but I wouldn't recommend it, especially for the final split. If you manually split on the final hit, the timer may not match IGT because IGT can keep rolling a bit beyond that final hit, and that does count towards the game file's IGT. If you do split manually, you shouldn't have to worry about the script double-splitting in this case as it reads split number, stage, etc. to prevent such events.
• Final split is on credits start, which is the same moment the "Game Clear" flag gets written to the save file, indicating a complete run. This is the most reliable time to do the final split.
• This should perfectly match IGT down to the frame(which is slightly more accurate than the IGT displayed on the save screen).
If you want to reset on Stage 1, just use the 'Curse of the Moon' menu and it'll be much faster than exiting the game(the splitter works the same way). Abusing 'Curse of the Moon' IL time in later stages basically makes it a segmented run and shouldn't be allowed, but on Stage 1 this is fine because it's the same as starting a new run. Rules no longer allow using Curse of the Moon to start a run, despite it being the most convenient and most accurate. I don't agree with it, but... yeah.
• The timer will automatically reset if it has already split at least once and you enter Stage 1 on a fresh run(no IGT). To prevent unwanted resets, it will not reset in this situation if you just finished a run, but forgot to save/end your splits. With this, you should be able to use 'Curse of the Moon' menu at any time and go back to Stage 1 to reset a run, which is faster than exiting the game. See above.
• This timer also starts up automatically in Boss Rush on Glutton Train, but only on Glutton Train, because it meets all the requirements for starting a normal run. To help this, it will automatically reset the splits if you enter the Boss Rush lobby and your current split is not the final(complete run, unsaved splits).
• This ASL checks for COTM.exe's MD5Hash to determine which version you're running, and if there is no match, it will default to the latest or most popular version.

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Loving the text tutorials and pauses in the video--I could watch it while muted and still understand everything easily.

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Those pages have been there for three years, which you could've found out very easily.


Just to clarify, do you mean 700 Kb or KB? Big difference, and KB is easily enough, whereas Kb is extremely low quality, but possible(I've streamed at worse).


Ah, so I'm not the only one that gets the weird hitbox lock-on when you swing the axe? It was super disorienting when I tried; It would throw my camera around like I had an aimbot or something. (Aim assist setting doesn't affect this, and I don't use right-click with the axe)

This game's complex with how much testing or tinkering that needs to be done on the littlest things. Some tricks only work(or work better) at 30 FPS cap, some only work at 60, some may have to be over 100, and some may require VSync to be on or off. I wouldn't be entirely surprised if there's even more settings that affect tricks. So if you're trying new things out, keep these things in mind.


It's at 1:50:40 in that 5-hour video, for anyone wondering.

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So this is ¤all¤ the differences?
Is anyone currently using, or is going to use the Japanese version, though? Seems like you really gotta go out of your way to get it.
Also, here's a big reddit thread discussing this video:


To add to this...
Even on a high-end GPU, If you have your Texture Quality setting on Very High or High, you could also be running out of VRAM or still falling victim to the weird way this game handles this setting, which causes the game to stutter and hitch like crazy at some points. RE7 has an issue with this setting that causes strange performance dips.
Having this setting on Medium has the same texture quality as Very High, it just reduces the amount of textures it preloads into VRAM, however, textures take a bit longer to load, and you'll notice that they first load at low quality and increase quality a moment later(even on SSD, and it's mostly just the pictures on the wall). I had a night and day difference in smoothness after changing to Medium, as others have too. Try rebooting your PC too, because even though ¤NOTHING¤ on my setup had changed, rebooting tripled my FPS out of nowhere, with the same background tasks(thought I'd include this for people that rarely reboot).
Since you're obviously speedrunning and recording, you should care more about performance and stability than graphics, so having your textures set to Low or Medium should help with that.
Besides Texture Quality, having your rendering method set to "Interlaced" may double your framerate over the default option, as it did to mine, and I can't even see a difference in quality between them when I'm looking for it.

On another note, if you're lagging a bit when recording at 1080p, or the recording itself cannot record at a consistent 60 FPS in 1080p, try recording in 720p with the same bitrate(the game can still be running in 1080p), and it should help framerates both in-game and in the recording; it should still look quite good.


Shouldn't we clarify that we shouldn't be using Berserk Mode in the IL rules? It makes them significantly faster and Berserk Mode ILs don't get submitted to the official Steam leaderboards either.


It's all on a new file, so you won't have an option to "play all" anyway. ILs don't count obviously.


I don't think it's necessary since there's IL leaderboards, you could kind of just add up all the best ILs to find out what a segmented time would be.