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Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: PacPac

I am going to hear that the page was in worse state when Pac owned it, I swear to god.... :)))))

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Forum: Postal 2: Apocalypse Weekend


Started by: gw

Rejected, read the reason


Forum: Dishonored

Thread: Glitchless Category?

Started by: CallMeSharonCallMeSharon

Legacy under Misc. is basically glitchless

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Forum: Dishonored

Thread: First dunwall sewer elevator

Started by: Speedut_Speedut_

Did you downpatch to 1.2?

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Forum: Half-Life 2: Lost Coast

Thread: No Clip Any% category?

Started by: teh_supar_hackrteh_supar_hackr

This does not look like a challenge at all, honesty poitless category.

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Forum: Estranged: Act II

Thread: Finally game have the end

Started by: lzyx-lzyx-

Deleted all runs for now.

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Forum: Machinarium

Thread: Discord

Started by: CorkysekCorkysek

I have made a discord server so we do not have to use this forum for discussions, everyone is welcome!


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Forum: Machinarium

Thread: Another change of rules

Started by: CorkysekCorkysek

Hello, I am very sorry that this has to happen again, but there were big holes in the rules.

I will also be removing deRez runs, because he used a premade save, but I will not be punishing him for it since it wwas my fault that it was not included in the rules.

Sorry again.

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Forum: Machinarium

Thread: Change of rules

Started by: CorkysekCorkysek

From now on, you have to submit your gameplay video with any type of visible fps counter in both any% categories.

I have moved tons of runs into the Any% w/o v-sync category, if you think that some of your runs do not belong there, please type here or DM me on discord.

You can also give me any ideas that you have here.

All console runs have a separate category now too.


Forum: Machinarium

Thread: current wr is bogus

Started by: stoic-rose94stoic-rose94

Tomorrow guys, broke my arm 2 days ago so I was kinda busy with doctors n' stuff


Forum: Machinarium

Thread: current wr is bogus

Started by: stoic-rose94stoic-rose94

Hello, I was off for a while, I will remove his WR 🙂


Forum: The Talos Principle

Thread: Discord Link

Started by: apple1417apple1417

Can I get an invite please?


Forum: Czechoslovak Marathon Summer 2019

Thread: Nějaké nápady na vsuvky?

Started by: CorkysekCorkysek

(edited: )

O co jde?
Chtěl bych do tohoto marathonu zapojit i nějaké další věci než jen přímo speedruny, třeba nějaké rozhovory a tak. Byl bych rád kdyby jste zde napsali nějaké nápady, nestyďte se napsat cokoliv, každý nápad dobrý.

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Forum: Half-Life 2

Thread: Can't get the train clip

Started by: SrcyteSrcyte

Record a video of how are you doing it. Otherwise noone is able to help you


Forum: The Site

Thread: Requesting Marathons

Started by: GyooGyoo

Name - Czechoslovak Marathon 2
Staff - Corkysek [Head, Streamer], Skizzie [Scheduler and my help hand], BurningPain [Streamer], Fuzimi [Graphic designer]
Type - Online
Dates - Not set yet, July or August
Charity - Doing it for fun, no donations included

Some info - Since the previous marathon went really well, the Czechoslovak community wants another marathon! Again like last year, this marathon is mainly for runners from Czech and Slovakia. It will be happening over at like last year!


Forum: Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Thread: Other Consoles

Started by: peck324peck324

Will add consoles once I get out of bed, just when u are submitting make sure to choose what console u are playing on! 😛

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Requesting Marathons

Started by: GyooGyoo

Name - Czechoslovak marathon
Staff - Corkysek [Head], BurningPain [Streamer and staff], Skizzie [Scheduler and staff]
Type - Online
Dates - Not yet, but November or December
Charity - No charity for now, need to find a suitable one first

About - This marathon is for people from Czech Republic and Slovakia. We are doing this mainly to get more people from here into speedrunning. The stream will be most likely happening on my twitch channel, it is not 100% yet.

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